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Karen Read jury unable to reach verdict in murder trial

Read is accused of ramming her police officer boyfriend with her SUV and leaving him on the ground to die during a snowstorm. Read denies the allegations and claims she was framed by police.

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30 thoughts on “Karen Read jury unable to reach verdict in murder trial

  1. Lally and Assoc. didnt prove their case.
    Turn her loose.
    She'll either walk the Straight and Narrow or commit another offense and get imprisoned.

    She is truly immature, narcissistic, emitionally undeveloped, unhinged, but she has great company in the American populance.

    She's Not Guilty based on Reasonable Doubt. Hopefully she will learn how to conduct herself AND hopefully the Law Enforcement will learn how to conduct themselves and an investigation.

    She may very well have hit him and left. However, it wasn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    😢for Mr. O'Keefe's family. Someone needs to pay. However the BPD and Lally are not the ones who could it.

  2. This is exclusively about the secret society cult that Is the judicial system, wants to take this person out, regardless of the truth. A hung jury is another trial, because boot thug pigs want to see this woman die, regardless of the truth.
    The corrupt judicial system again, at its best.
    Not about truth or justice, only about perpetuating political numbers.

  3. The tax payers are giving free breakfast and lunch to this jury and Massachusetts is getting broke with this simple hit and run passion crime for a college professor she is using her money to pay this. Please finish with guilty verdict as it is no more free meals

  4. Morrissey Alberts, McCabes, Higgins , Proctor Have made a mockery of the judicial system ! The whole World is watching the injustice inflicted on Karen Read !
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should be totally embarrassed and ashamed how they have persecuted and prosecuted this innocent woman! The whole world is watching the injustice. The reason this has captivated the hearts and souls of so many around the world ,is the fact that this could happen to anyone…
    ( God forbid! )
    When corruption & injustice is Permitted to fester All citizens suffer! When the powerful & politically connected are able to destroy a persons reputation, in prison the innocent we all
    are victims 😱

  5. This is simple case Hit and Run of a woman passion for a man that didn't want her and her narcissist behavior created her own cover up if I was her Mother I feel so ashamed of how she trash her family last name she's guilty democracy won't be accomplished if she doesn't pay for killing a Police officer he was payed for all the tax payers to protect and she killed him as an animal ashamed that this jury doesn't see all the facts against her

  6. Karen Read is 100% Innocent- The US system is completely broken …. It’s disgusting- and It’s not a difficult case to come to a Not Guilty Verdict – clearly you didn’t watch this clown show by the prosecutors and the mostly lying corrupt witnesses ….

  7. Cops throwing phones away and their stories barely matching.
    The 3 pieces of tail light turned to 5 then 40 some.
    Video tampering bybsending an inverted video
    Jennifer mccabe needing to erase her messages with her daughters
    She google searched at 230 a.m. that got erased
    Johs apple data sending him up and down steps(which is wrong, but her apple data for steps was right)
    No bruising nowhere after being hit by car
    Clear dog bites/scratches
    Way too much reasonable doubt. We can keep going

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