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25 thoughts on “Karen Read jury says they’re deadlocked, judge sends them back to continue deliberating

  1. Think it's so crazy that so many people know the truth antoher corrupted case I just see the right one's go to jail that jump in,the Shepard was just protecting its house but they didn't care obviously and that is what really is gonna get them dog bites for the one that don t believe

  2. I am shocked that any reasonably intelligent person on that jury could believe she is guilty. I understand there is a lot of so called evidence to review but as I watched parts of the trial I realized there is a lot of reasonable doubt, actually a mountain full.
    Improper police ethics, evidence collection, testimony descrepancies/lies and so on. The police involved are a disgrace to all the good officers in this country.

  3. It doesnt matter what you think…the case should only be decided by the facts presented to the jury(but in the case that the judge is a scumbag sell out and is interfering) the system is unfair enough as is clearly seen here . But if you adhere to any piece of trial procedure , REASONABLE DOUBT, which is crystal clear in this case means as a juror ,unless you are a sell out ,you must find her not guilty …end of the story ..any one thats says different i hope they find themselves in her position,that will be justice.

  4. People love to scream that it's corrupted cops but I watched interview with her, her story makes no sense. What prosecution says also not really coming together beyond reasonable doubt, but she's totally NOT innocent. People believing she's innocent are delusional, she's in on whatever happened.

  5. I believe people with non relevant and respect evidence facts logic will believe she is guilty! She Killed! Don't understand what is wrong with this world. Bad cop conduct is only distraction But She did it! Solid. So much so I guess there are huge intimidation involved. There is a video The Karen supporters gathered to celebrate Lucky was a Hero" with applause after his testimony. Imagine what would happen to Lucky if he said something not pleasing.Those wearing green or pink are feeling insane and scary for sure They are bad guys to me. I hope jury can open eyes wider and vote "guilty". Justice for John who met the wrong woman. Comment from Canada. repost

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