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Karen Read Jury Divided on Verdict Again

During their 5th day of deliberations, the jury sent another note to the judge saying “we find ourselves deeply divided” again. Judge Cannone gave the Tuey-Rodriguez instruction, urging the jurors to come to a verdict in the Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial.

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39 thoughts on “Karen Read Jury Divided on Verdict Again

  1. Has there ever been another murder trial where the defendant’s whereabouts were factually proven to be in conflict with the time the prosecution swears the time of the murder took place?? Has this ever happened before??

    It’s frightening and concerning that one or more jurors could omit such critical facts.

    Each one of you that wants Karen to be found guilty, imagine if your whereabouts were alibied by time and your jury didn’t give a damn

  2. Texts with Proctor's friend group

    At prosecutor Adam Lally's prompting, Proctor read through a text conversation he had with a group of friends he'd known since childhood on the evening of Jan. 29, the day O'Keefe died. After some discussion, a friend wrote, "I'm sure the owner of the house will receive some s—."

    Proctor responded, "Nope, homeowner is a Boston cop, too,"

  3. This is just my theory, but I think it’s quite possible John may have injured himself with a fall. You can really hurt yourself with a fall and he ended up outside in the freezing snow. He may have hit his head on something because his injuries are not similar to getting hit by a car. He may have become unconscious and then froze to death. Also, there are way too many chick haters leading the blaming on Karen just because she’s a woman. Still today in the 21st century it is shameful that people want to hate on a woman just because of her gender. Read may not be likable person, but that does not make her guilty

  4. Look at the demographic of the supporters outside the courthouse. Look at these blogs. 90% are women and juveniles. Many of them are probably on the far left, feminists and supporters of defunding the police. For them this trial wasn't about Justice. It was about freeing a woman and hating on police. Nauseating actually. Boston area has some real issues, which the defense was able to play into.

  5. The whole world is watching! So much corruption! From the Judge, the Canton Police and the Canton State Police. Ohhh. Don’t forget the DA. Corruption! I lived with my husband for 39 years. He was a honorable LEO on the very first Drug task force! In wWV. Look it up. Canton MA is totally corrupt. You all should be ashamed.

  6. Everybody that thought it was a slam dunk of Not Guilty, it wasn't. Listening to people mostly woman in front of the court house talking about Karen being innocent. When asked why because "I love her" "I love Karen" "I don't know her, but I love her" Well liking someone or loving someone from tv is not enough for a court case to be determined as not guilty. I'm done. Evidence and DNA is a case and timeline. Obviously either one, two three or more thought she was guilty. I as well feel she should be charged with all the lesser charges per the evidence. Did you not listen to Karen's messages, voicemails, and her planting a kiss in John's home on one of the guys you think is part of conspiracy??? Karen is not innocent, not Polly Purebread, or a celebrity. Stop

  7. You morons are shameless with your conspiracy bs. Let me see if I've got this right. All law enforcement in Massachusetts  is corrupt and lies. All emergency service personnel are corrupt and lies,. The judge is corrupt and lies. All witnesses for the prosecution including experts  and children are corrupt and lie. All John O'Keefe's friends are corrupt and lie. The jurors who don't buy the conspiracy are corrupt and lie. Now you have hit the lowest of lowest standards by insinuating that John O'Keefe's family are corrupt or evil??
    You morons are as bad as the vile , narcissistic, self obsessed, unhinged whackjob that killed John O'keefe with its car. You are even lower than the opportunistic, talentless little Leprechaun who exploited your gullibility in presnting the defense case. They and you have ruined the life of many innocent people. All this because Americans will always buy a conspiracy theory.

  8. Absolutely absurd… how tf 1 person on earth could think karens guilty is disgusting.. but 1 person out of 12 is of that belief after considering the evidence,Testimony & closing arguments.. its CRAZY. somebody is badly badly incompetent

  9. Same anti-LE fanatics that believe Bryan Kohberger is being framed believe Karen Read is being framed. Meanwhile nobody uses common sense—how many people/witnesses would feel compelled to lie and risk prison time to frame her ? This country is getting dumber by the minute.

  10. why did Jennifer McCabe google how long to die in the snow at 2am? Why did everyone at the house that night “butt dial” each other all night long? Why did John have PROVEN dog bites all along his arm? Why did the Albert’s dog go missing two days later? Why did the Dedham officer confirm there was minimal damage to her tailight when he saw it the next morning? Why did the CW purposely invert the auto shop footage???

  11. At some point if the jury can't come to a consensus, you have to declare a hung jury. Based on the letter, this jury is at that point. That judge is being unreasonable.

  12. I don't think they are going to be changing their minds.
    This csse needs to be fsir since there is so many unfair investigation tactics.
    Once and for all this case proves yet again that the system is corrupt. So corrupt that family is involved.
    We cant let all those get away with what they have done.
    The system is bad enough now we gotta worry about family involvement on top of crooked lyong cops.

  13. This JURY = FAILURE. They clearly did not understand their job. There was so much reasonable doubt to acquit. She was clearly NOT GUILTY. The FBI EXPERTS and the DOJ both stated that she was Not Guilty. Complete failure by the Jury.

  14. Court TV, Wrongfully dragged through Canadian family court for 2 years. Applicant never signs applicant, judges fills out applicants TSEF and puts meritless applicantion to a trial. When I requested for audio transcripts, the judge denied. When I ordered transcripts, the same judge crossed out where she admitted to filling out applicants TSEF. Justice Martha Anne Tweedie broke the law and needs to be removed but the CJC ignorantly Denys my complaint. I want to go public and expose how corrupted the Canadian family court is!

  15. I’m gonna say this much Judge Cannone never surquested the jury that’s why we have an mis trial in a murder case. Ridiculous KR is not guilty & the Canton Police Department is complicit. I hope the FBI gets involved.

  16. There’s no way she will be found guilty, on top of the fact that internal affairs and the FBI is looking at police. O’keef’s family some of them have to be 2nd guessing. There’s no way the prostitution witnesses wanna go back on the stand. 🤔

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