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Karen Read & John O’Keefe’s Text Messages | MA v Karen Read Day 26 Recap

Cellebrite expert testifies about Jennifer McCabe’s infamous Google search “Hos long to die in cold.” Text messages between #KarenRead and Officer John O’Keefe are read aloud in court.

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20 thoughts on “Karen Read & John O’Keefe’s Text Messages | MA v Karen Read Day 26 Recap

  1. When your
    young you do stupid things .People cant have one or two drinks they gotta 4, 5 or more .and people do really stupid things when they are drinking . I can't make a Judgement on this , at all . Was it an accident and covered up or did she get pissed if they weren't drinking would any of it happened at all ? Im just glad Im old and dont drink

  2. I agree with the expert regarding the search made by Jennifer McCabe. She made the search at the scene around the time first responders were en route or on the scene.
    I don't agree with Trooper Paul's reconstruction. The speed of the vehicle and the distance it traveled in during the incident don't go together. He was being very hesitant too, causing him to not speak well and not speak up enough.
    I agree with Attorney Grundy about the charges. Based on all the drinking Karen was doing that night before dropping John off, her alcohol level was affecting her ability to drive and know better, along with causing her to possibly make some mistakes that she normally wouldn't do. She could have accidentally put the vehicle into reverse instead of drive. And her alcohol level caused her to not even notice she hit John.

  3. In regards to the taillight, Jen McCabe said she saw a crack, so that would make sense when KR backed up in the driveway…that is more credible that the taillight must of been deliberately smashed and planted to blame Karen…

  4. Has anyone noticed if the impact was such, that he was thrown 30 would have had more extensive injuries, and how could no one hear when he was struck? How can it be that no one heard the impact? 🤷‍♀️

  5. Go back to 25:07 and watch. This is proof she hit him and drove away. I don’t know how everyone seems to just gloss over the evidence. I really don’t care because either am not putting emotion into this but if you listen without the emotional bias and just the facts it’s there. Now do I think they are overcharging her yes because I think it was an accident.

  6. So let me get this straight. The idea was to invite John and Karen over to the house so that they could kill john? What was their plan if Karen decided to come inside? They were just going to kill her too? Or they were just going to beat both of them up? That's an idiotic story. Whether she didn't intentionally or not, she definitely killed him. The defense has done a pretty good job, but you have to believe that there is a massive conspiracy amongst cops to kill this guy because what? He yelled at their kids on his lawn? And then of course the most recent data from GPS to the vehicle indicates that John probably never went inside. I think she backed up and hit him, and then he was under the vehicle when those other people arrived which is why they didn't see him, and then she drove away. It was probably something she did in tulsively because she was drunk and angry. Then she went home and tried to think about how the hell she was going to cover it up in her drunkenness and she just made a bunch of phone calls to John try to make it seem like she was looking for him and then decided to back into a vehicle before she left so she had a plausible reason for why her tail light was broken. They instead of driving back to where she dropped him off to start the search for him, she drives around a two square mile area looking for him? That's bizarre behavior. If you're going to look for someone, the first place you go is the last place that you saw them. I don't know whether the jury will convict or not because the people of Massachusetts are some of the dumbest people I have encountered, but she's definitely guilty

  7. It's not complicated, it's not confusing, it's not corruption, it's not bias, it's not glamorous, it's pretty simple Karen Read hit John O'Keaf, whether intentional or on purpose. She did it and now we see police that are very good at their job and police that have made extremely inappropriate comments about the defendant, but the truth is she did it, she hit him and left, even coming back to check her on dirty work. She knows it, her lawyers know it, her parents don't want to know it, but it's true it's what happened and she will truly remember what she did for the rest of her life. So it's pretty simple, uncomplicated, straightforward, pick any of these words they all mean the same. Karen Read is guilty and everyone knows it that has any ability to comprehend and satisfactory eyesight

  8. The one thing the prosecutor misses is that that silly argument over text is not the reality we saw play out on the video the night they were together. They fought like a normal couple one night — you don’t find them searches on how to kill my boyfriend and they were fine their final night together. Stop over dramatizing the truth!

  9. I haven’t decided if KR is guilty or not. I want to hear the REAL experts opinions. Either way prosecutors and law enforcement is guilty of a lot of crooked crap. And Karen did exactly what every man hates! Not giving him one ounce of space! She may not have killed him but she was definitely suffocating him!

  10. Everybody knows this court case is corrupt. Everybody wants the Judge removed because she is a conflict of interests.
    She has connections to the families involved.
    The judge's brother represented an Albert family member whom was involved in a hit and run incident back a few years, besides that this judge should not have been allowed to continue with the case.
    I am not from America thank god for that. But I am not saying it's bad, but heck man, it is down right corrupt thru and thru. It is so shocking and devastating to see such ridiculous handling of such a high court case. This is not acceptable, this is unprofessional please God help Karen Read though this illegal battlefield.

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