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50 thoughts on “Karen Read involved in tense moment with judge while jurors deliberate

  1. What a disrespectful Bit** who would laugh during such a serious trial Karen Read is lucky the judge wasn't in charge because she probably would have found her guilty right then and there I don't care if I think she was falsely accused she is disrespectful and disgusting

  2. Someone did the math on the ratio of objections that were sustained by the judge when comparing the prosecution to the defense…

    Surprise surprise ….

    The numbers don’t lie , she favored the Prosecution and it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  3. Why does the judge have the verdict in her hand when she gets to her seat ? I thought they give it to her when they come in the room ? Also she made the same expression ti yenetti ith his reponce to her but laughed at him out loud karen did not laugh out load this judge is bios and should be investigated like the rest of canton spolie involved . They were all sworn in as they received their badges this is definitely bios right Aunty Bev?

  4. Miss Read thinks she's getting away with it because she has super lawyers who put on a show using the fact that people don't believe the police! This case is so clear but they create too much smoke and mirrors! So now they try to blame the judge! What next? All jury corrupt too? lol

  5. Her ”supporters” have found a community what a bunch of sad clowns😂 if you are so lonely find some better cause to rally around not a murderer 🫢

  6. No DNA, blood or clothing evidence or eye witnesses. A shoddy, corrupt investigation. A disorganized, biased, combative judge – good job, Canton, Mass 😖🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. If a jury asked for a police report concerning a search in their case the Ciurt shall privide that report. On what grounds is she denying their request? How can a request for evidence for review by a jury be denied? What is going on here. I hope the jury sees this disrespectful dishonest refusal as such and realizes it as part of the coverup.

  8. Excuse me? 😮I really don’t like this judge. I usually have zero opinion about a judge. But this one? She’s micromanaged the trial. She won’t give jurors evidence. What is her deal?

  9. John, I (expletive) hate you!” she screamed. Phone records show she left the voicemail moments after her car recorded her driving in reverse at approximately 24 mph (39 kph) and then driving away, Lally said. NO reason for her to be laughing.

  10. For all the liberal viewers and Media she will walk with a smile on her face and inform the Boston Public that Hey guess what I removed one of those police officers you so dislike and I appreciate all the support from my liberal protesters who feel I am a saint.

  11. I'm no mental expert. But it seems clear to me that judge has mental issues. Massachusetts is incredibly corrupt the entire Massachusetts court system needs to be investigated.

  12. As always judges on a power trip because of their personal feelings. Very obvious. I don't usually side with attorneys as I think they can be questionable. However, I feel like having the option of guilty or not guilty under each lesser is a better option. That way no one can argue the juror misunderstood. Period.

  13. Judge Bev should never have been allowed to reside over this trial as she has connections to the Alberts and she showed her true colors and whose side she is on ,but we already knew ,she just confirmed it ! CORRUPTION!😠🤬🤮

  14. The judge was smart enough to be scared of confronting Ms. Read. She asked one pointed question and immediately ran away. She knew that if she asked for clarification, Ms. Read might have said, "No, I don't think it's funny that you want me to be convicted. It's sad. It's disgusting. And everyone here is watching you try to ruin my life, and all for what?"

  15. RIP John O'Keefe. Free Karen Read 💖💫
    The Feds are getting ready to step in and the corrupt people will start turning
    on each other. I am patiently waiting for justice! 🤨

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