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Karen Read: Experts Go On the Attack + Juror Drama – Lawyer LIVE

Did Karen Read murder her boyfriend John O’Keefe by mowing him down with her car —maybe even intentionally? Or is she being set up by a corrupt law enforcement officials trying to protect their own?

O’Keefe was found dead in the front yard of Boston police officer Brian Albert. Prosecutors say Karen dropped him off at a party at Albert’s house and then hit him with her car.

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49 thoughts on “Karen Read: Experts Go On the Attack + Juror Drama – Lawyer LIVE

  1. Why did john still have the same cocktail glass on him when he was found out side he never went into the house Karen went home after hitting him and concocted a frame up story that is also why she kept calling him to make it look like she had no idea where he was a true narcissist cops wouldn't be dumb enough to kill 🎉and then place him in their front yard ridiculous to say the least

  2. I think most men understand John Okeeke wanted the relationship to end with Karen Read, I know from experience myself. Scorned women, Witch in her case.

  3. The prosecution has yet to put any kind of real expert on the stand in my opinion, hell they don't even know the science or the math that should be applied during investigation none of them

  4. I have a video idea for you Lee. Since it's been nearly a month since opening statements, I think a video covering the opening statements would do well. Maybe cross reference to some of the events so far during the prosecutions offerings in the trial.

  5. We all know Brian Albert is the killer. It happened at his house.. Brian ripped up his basement, got rid of his dog, the day before he was going to be served with papers to turn over his phone he got a new one, he then sold his house, Brian said he never met Karen but there’s video of him talking to her, and it goes on and on…..

  6. Pedestrians have lost their shoes when struck by a car when the car is traveling 60 plus miles per hour….. the house of a police officer with no surveillance cameras have any kind….. her vehicle has an auto brake when put in reverse

  7. What proves that KR killed John? A broken tail light. Pieces of that broken tail light found at the site of impact. Six of those pieces and the missing shoe were found underneath 18 inches of undisturbed snow at the impact site prior to any point in time to where any police officer from anywhere had access to her vehicle or her tail light with time to plant them. The shoe is consistent with a vehicle hit. Her SUV backed up for 96 feet (that's not a three-point turn, that's rage) at exactly the right time. And oh yeah, she said she hit him, or might have hit him, or thought she hit him – indicating that she knew that she had hit him.

    One more thing, the only person with a beef with John that night was Karen Read.

  8. Ok, but you know that the Ring camera collision is basically irrelevant. Even if she did hit John's car, that wasn't where her tail light was broken because there were no shards left in the snow. If it was, how did the shards get from John's driveway at 5:00 am to 34 Fairview before 5:20 pm when the crime scene troopers were gathering to search the scene? Nobody could have planted them – the snow was undisturbed.

    Furthermore, no one had the Ring video yet, so there would have been no way for any dastardly conspirator to know where the shards were to then magically transport them from one undisturbed snow pile in John's driveway to the bottom of another undisturbed snow pile in front of 34 Fairview.

  9. Accuracy: "After-Hours party" is a prejudicial characterization by the defence to suggest something illegal and unsavoury. It was, in fact, Brian Albert Junior's 20th birthday party.

    Call it a house party, a gathering, or the truth – their son's birthday party, to be celebrated at midnight.

    And remember that whenever you repeat the outlandish theories like – Brian Albert beat up John (for no reason) to his son's birthday party, Jen McCabe "lured" (ridiculous) John to 34 Fairview so that they could beat him up in front of her nephew and his friends.

  10. You know, I feel sad about where is John O’Keefe and you know what how did her car get injured? I’m not in fashion because honestly out of all the trials I don’t care about her I cared about Tylee and JJ and injustice is horrible, but she seems like she can take care of herself. She doesn’t need anyone and she is smiling and that’s wrong. That is unacceptable to have a man murder her she claims to love she didn’t because look at her. She’s smiling and having a good time this isn’t funny. and then there’s his poor niece and nephew, your parents died. They’ve gotten one left: nothing left he was the guardian for a reason and guess what he was murdered by her parents. I feel bad for them and I wouldn’t be smiling if I was for her.

  11. How did the people in the house know that Karen had backed in to John ! If he can in the house ? Did he tell them Karen just backed into me??? For them to try to set her up ! By dragging John out where they think she backed into him???? How did they know her tail light was broken?

  12. and the part we didn't ask the homeowner for searching the property when defense lawyer asked about the house or get a search warrant , then how did they search the homeowners property ? the lawn is the homeowners property and they used the leaf blower so it wasn't in plain sight to , and he said he didn't ask the homeowner for permission so he searched it illegally

    + they search it for over 2 weeks then and then

  13. I have a few question about the behavior of Karen that day.
    1- Why did she wake up at 5 am to look for O'Keefe ? Who does that ? I mean, if she had notice his absence the next morning and then look for him, it would make sens, but in the middle of the night ?
    2- If she left him at 34 Fairview at midnight, why didn't she go directly at 34 Fairview looking for him at 5am ? Instead of going at the Waterfall, then going at the McCabe house, etc.
    I am sorry but her story doesn't add up.
    3- Who goes in reverse at 23 miles per hours ?

    These questions does not change the fact that the investigation on O'Keefe death is a disaster. But the main suspect in a disastrous investigation can still be guilty.

  14. ?? Hi there.
    Great presentation.
    Could i ask:
    ?? Why is it fair that certain parts of evidence can be submitted and some can't?
    Especially When it helps somebody's case, and it wasn't submitted in time, or there was human error, or let's say a pc of evidence wasn't available until later time?
    ?? Why doesn't the legal system allow this, or have some kind of bylaw to allow this ?
    Is that in fact a fair trial if you're denied submitting evidence that can help prove you're not guilty or guilty?
    It makes me wonder if there's a lot of innocent people in jail or priso because of this.

  15. John O'Keefe's body temperature was lower than 80 when the EMTs first arrived. The EMTs took several measures to raise his temperature. The 80 degree temperate was after those measures and after John arrived at the hospital

  16. I am so intrigued with this trial for Karen Read and I came across your YouTube channel and I am obsessed. Thank you so much for laying it out so so clearly for all of us. It makes a difference you’re doing an awesome job.❤

  17. So the prosecution needs to address how any of the data is not affected, and the conclusions drawn are not affected by the vehicle either spinning its tires stuck in a rut being rocked back-and-forth all the things that happen or may happen to a vehicle in the winter
    OK if you are reading this, and you are not from the New England area or familiar with these types of storms, he’s going to explain he being the expert for the prosecution-needs to explain you’re stuck not in a foot of snow, but in a little divot in the road where your tires are spinning, what affect does that have? How is that represented by the data?

    Those of us familiar with the area and experience if we’re stuck in a little rut, we may hit the gas or hit reverse and hit forward trying to get out of a little stuck rut in the road and a stuck. It could literally just be a 1 foot or less area that has become iced. It doesn’t need a quantity of snow. It can be a very small amount and often will rock back-and-forth in attempt to extricate the vehicle.

    So again I don’t know if this has been made aware to those of you who are not familiar with the area, but this is really, a fact or point that the prosecution is going to at least address in someway in someway.

  18. I dont see why you keep bringing in defense theories ( with 0 evidence) when explaining prosecution experts reconstruction. Trooper Paul had a few exhibits & diagrams that proved that her car was put in reverse & hit a pedestrian with her boxed car history. He also did some tests which indicated that she was in full view thru back & overall car camera of what she was doing as she put her foot on the excellarator pedal in reverse @ 74% & at 24 miles speed! Her car also had auto sound alerts as she approached the pedestrian she hit. In addition , there was no plastic pcs near the area she slightly may have touched john's car & no damage to johns car as she claims where she cracked her taillight

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