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28 thoughts on “Karen Read comments on case outside court, attorneys battle over potential witnesses

  1. The Judge was worse than Trooper Paul who was looking for nude photos of Karen Reed on her phone. They are all the same class of people working together to cover the truth and to protect the family that put John’s dead body out in the cold. They is no difference with the judge
    in this case. She is for the prosecution and she clearly picked the jury foreman who is bias and probably holding up the jury from finding Karen Read innocent.

  2. Civil Rights Advocate Massachusetts Governor Maura T. Healey Gets Sued for $25M; Corruption Related Federal Civil Rights Violations:  (Davis v Healey) 

    Both lawyers and judges, across the country, should follow this case very carefully;  injustice  is very much in the works. This case warrants an immediate investigation by the DOJ.

  3. Wow, the reporting is so off on the witness. All of the experts have been consulted by the FBI concerning this case and the DAs office, including Canton PD.
    they are all in big trouble.

  4. There's a channel "J.F.K." on YouTube. He's got the best theory as to how it went down. Karen came onto Higgins. John confronted Higgins in the house. There was a fight, the dog attacked, John probably back and hit his head. It was a beef over a woman, and it got crazy. They dumped him in the snow, and intended to pin it on the plow driver, but then Karen showed up. Because they're stupid men, they rationalize framing Karen, because in their stupid tiny minds, it'll her fault anyway. I find this theory very plausible.

  5. Judge Bev is so blatantly biased! HOW can she allow a police investigator to testify on John's injuries who is NOT a medical doctor or even a nurse, but she won't let in the most OVER qualified expert in this entire trial! She is RIDICULOUS and an EMBARRASSMENT to the judicial process! 😠

  6. NOT TRUE, the animal bite expert is friends with an old colleague of Jackson's, and he had asked her opinion. Did you even watch the testimony?

  7. I was told by my professor in criminal justice class the judge the DA and the police department all work together. Don’t trust the DOJ systems

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