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43 thoughts on “Karen Read case ends in mistrial

  1. This is the most corrupt trial ive ever watched. This woman is innocent. No one in their right mind would say they were being framed by police EVER. She asking to be killed by police. The DA even more corrupt bc they are aware of fbi investigation and dept of justice invest.

  2. The fact that they didn’t return a “Not Guilty” verdict within the first two hours of deliberation is beyond terrifying… The prosecution didn’t come within a country-mile of proving a single charge ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’.

    This outcome shatters any remaining faith I had in the US justice system, and confirms a troubling reality: there must undoubtedly be tens of thousands of patently innocent people locked up in American prisons for crimes they clearly did not commit.

    Utter insanity.

  3. How can any reasonable person of average intelligence think Karen Read got her suv up to 24 miles an hour , within 60 feet, driving backwards mind you, in winter conditions , after having a few drinks and he ended up with an arm full of dog bites, with two black eyes, defensive wounds, laying on his cell phone way down at the other side of the lot?!? This is just amazing, and sad actually. Not to mention all the deleted messages, destroyed
    phones, Google search @ 2:30 am, a basement redone, a house sold and a family dog given away to whom the Alberts wont say. I cant wait to see who these jurors are!

  4. What a joke the DA’s office is …they wait until trial is over to remove Proctor , they didn’t want to chance it that the jurors might have seen it. LE didn’t do their jobs and so truly no one will ever know the truth. I will never believe all of JO’s injuries were from being hit by a vehicle. If I was a resident of Boston I would be outraged at how much money they wasted on this, and now want to do it again.

  5. The amount of information for the Jury to process came across as credible and intricate on both sides. If there ever was too much evidence to show a Jury, this was the case. For a retrial, more evidence will be lost to memory.

  6. Such a sad story 😞 I have so many questions…. like why didn't she check on him while dropping him off ? If all was well… why didn't his friends check on him ? Did they know his was there ?? Did they really have a fight? Someone should have checked on him. Just terrible

  7. The reason why John Okeefe will not get justice is because of the horrible investigation done. It’s is not ok! Also all of the lying and corruption by the Albert/mccabe/ and Michael proctor. Brian Higgins. They are the reason JO will not get justice!! They should be ashamed

  8. Guilty was Never an option with what we all seen presented. I am disappointed they couldn’t come to not guilty verdict. I believe there were conflicts of interest with some jurors. Too bad they couldn’t find enough jurors to do their job. It would be tragic to re-try Karen. I really hope they find out who killed John.

  9. The DA has no business to re-trial against karen. Way to much reasonable doubt. I saw way more reasonable guilt of cover up by the Mcabes the Alberts and their investigator friends. I believe the son colin, his dad Brian & Higgins were responsible for John's death. His whole head was injured all around from the sides to front & back. Which, points towards being hit by a fight. When men fight its blows to the head. Than them saying, john never came in the house. When clearly his arm has dog claw marks & a dog bite clear as day on his arm & elbow. There is no way he was hit in the head by her backing up into him and he flew 30ft into the yard & nobody seen his body laying there with higgens testimony that he left out at around 1am & his caarr was directly infront of the yard and he said, he saw no body. Well, karen read had dropped him off way before higgens left and many other people pulling up & leaving the residence didnt see a body out on the lawn. A fight broke out inside that house & the dogs natural instinct got involved( injuries to his arm). It think he fell back & thats how he got the laceration to the back of the head & many other punches to the face & side of the head. Colin alberts knuckles full of injuries after that day discovered in a pic that was taken of him. Just an absolute cover up frame job they did to Karen!!!

  10. I've listened to the testimony of the Albert's and the McCabes, there is not one second of their testimony that i believe. Proctor must be the worst investigator I've ever seen.
    Any case he has worked needs to be looked at closely.

  11. The jury split as detailed in the Foreperson’s note was exactly “some” on one side and “others” on the opposite side. I hope the jurors talk to the new, news people, who are those covering this case with social media channels! Thanks for covering this case!!

  12. I’m sad for JO no matter who did what.. the police who testified showed zero respect for him as person or police officer. He was one of them..part of THEIR brotherhood. And they spent more time being negative than respecting the loss of a brother.

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