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Karen Read Bodycam Deep Dive | Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan

“We’re all in on the same joke, right?” Police bodycam shows Karen Read under arrest hearing her murder charges. Read also talked about her cracked tail light that prosecutors say is evidence she killed Boston police officer John O’Keefe. #CourtTV’s Vinnie Politan breaks down the defendant’s voice and body language in the bodycam.

00:00 MA v Karen Read
17:57 Expert Analysis
28:31 FL v Sarah Boone
36:23 Tank Takes

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43 thoughts on “Karen Read Bodycam Deep Dive | Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan

  1. Did Karen really take out an insurance policy o. John of over a million dollar within days after he was killed don't remember hearing that at the trial unless it wasn't allowed in just asking

  2. Why would they kill John and put him out in the front wouldn't they try to cover it up by hiding the body they can't be that stupid and why bmno dog dna and why dies jign still have
    Same cocktail glass on him when he left the bar wouldn't he of at least got a new glass or grabbed himself a new beer or whatever if he went into the house Karen behavior after she dropped him off in suspicious when something is angry which I believe that she was when she 🫳 him off because she even admitted with her messages to him that she thought he was cheating by calling him a pervert many times tells me that she backed into him out of anger im pretty sure that she remembered doing it and wanted it to look like she had no idea where he was hes a grown man why would she keep calling him like a little boy asking where he was im sure he could of made it home by himself

  3. She is good at blame shifting. The Albert’s had nothing to do with John’s death. He never made it in their home/ so you can rule that out. Who was the last to see him? Jealous GF Karen. He said “I’m done with you” when he was getting out of her SUV. She couldn’t control herself, she was raging, very jealous. She could have really saved his life that night but after the fact states to media “I’m the only one that tried to save john” WOW so many ppl are so naive to think she is innocent. It’s. Shame.

  4. She is guilty just listen to her talk/body language . You would have no doubt if you knew her like some do. I know You would she hit him.. 100% guilty. She is a pathological lying narcissist, mentally emotionally unstable. Very mean person especially when she is drunk, she was abusive to John. He would fall for her manipulative tactics.

  5. Oh stop it with the "I have no agenda here" BS. Your "agenda" is to get clicks, PERIOD. What makes YOU know more than the squirrel in my backyard about this case. You YouTube wanna-be stars are clowns.

  6. I think the Fed's need to go after these Massachusetts State Police the taxpayers of Massachusetts deserves better than them nasty liars.
    I think the prosecutor has lied from the get go saying KR told the cops something she never said.
    I believe KR more than I believe the Albert

  7. But lets railroad her bc good ol' boys. I respect good cops, but as someone who grew up in Colleton County SC, I know corruption when i see it.

    Also, it's not a wild claim when they have no evidence against her. I have all of the reasonable doubts after testimony

  8. I feel that after hearing about Jennifer McCabe deleting phone calls, internet searches and texts , that’s the shadow of doubt right there. The Murdaugh trial used so much of his digital footprint to convict him. I have never heard that pulling this information could be incorrect on time stamps. Jennifer says she did not make the internet search, “ how long to die in cold”, at 2 ish in the morning. Her internet history says different. Why would you delete information from your phone if you thought for a second that it could help convict the responsible person? She’s shady and that’s enough for me to doubt. I’ll be curious what the jury ends up with.

  9. Disgusting! However, they actually did her a favor because now they have to prove intention to kill. And none of those injuries look like they happened either by broken glass or by a car simply backing up.

  10. Hey Vinnie they are all lying 🤥. Karen is innocent. The prosecutor can spin the Grand jury in their favor, the grand jury is a joke. Has there been a time when the grand jury didn’t agree with the facts etc etc .

  11. Wrong…this is not why you need a trial, they don’t need to put this woman on trial and then hopefully get at the truth. They should have had a thorough independent investigation by the State police and not the Staties connected to Brian Albert.

  12. The prosecution case is incredibly weak, the Alberts lies through their teeth , the cops are framing read because the Alberts seem to own that town and they killed one of their own

  13. This supposed ‘Body Language Expert’ had to run Karen Read’s answers through AI software to determine that she was telling the truth! 😆 KR is a compulsive and pathological liar who is incapable of taking responsibility for her own actions! Susan Constantine…..why don’t you get a job as a psychic next? You might aswell.

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