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Jury in Karen Read murder trial deadlocked again | NewsNation Now

The jury in the trial of Karen Read, the woman charged in the death of her Boston police officer boyfriend, has once again deadlocked. Jurors told the judge they couldn’t reach a unanimous decision about what they believe happened regarding her boyfriend’s death. NewsNation correspondent Alex Caprariello reports the latest updates from the trial on “NewsNation Now.”

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11 thoughts on “Jury in Karen Read murder trial deadlocked again | NewsNation Now

  1. When you got 100’s of people showing up to defend innocence, it’s quite obvious that she did not knowingly kill this man. 2024 is deemed to be the start of Revelation for Planet Earth. So things are going to be rocky. There’s a lot of sheep in this country that are very invested in status quo. While people are losing their freedoms on the daily……the light is about to be shown!!!!

    WIN WIN FOR DEFENSE AND KAREN AS WELL AS JUSTICE!!! A juror clearly lied or are afraid of the police department/involved in the corruption. No way in a million years will they ever get 12 jurors to agree on Guilty!!!! EVER!!!!

  3. They all knew that Karen is Not Guilty, They all just didn't want the corruption
    Ex posed & the town of Canton for the bad reputation They all gave themselves in this whole investigation Especially Proctor who should of been fired immediately & all the alberts McCabes & all the ones involved should have been charged, So instead they were all protected by the court, So they did a mistral when they all knew Karen was Not Guilty. How corrupt is that! Wow… One things for sure Karen has the best Lawyers.

  4. So are you going to report on what they actually sent as questions? They don’t want to convict because they are scared for their lives! You all are no better that court tv at this point!😢😮

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