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25 thoughts on “Juror in Karen Read murder trial discusses mistrial, and what it was like in court

  1. It boiled down to did Karen hit John with her vehicle. The entire trial got sidetracked with testimony the commonwealth never should have introduced.

  2. They knew her position. That is why she was pulled to be the alternate. What are the odds that she would have voted not guilty and didn’t make the final group to decide. Aunt Bev was so obviously bias and this just proves it more

  3. This case is terrifying because if some jurors really thought the prosecution proved it's case, that means anyone can be convicted of a crime they didn't commit simply because some of our fellow citizens aren't able to employ common sense and logic when it matters. It really calls into question the efficacy of jury trials but it's so comforting to hear from an intelligent juror who understood the assignment. All it really takes to ensure justice is one juror who refuses to ignore the overwhelming evidence. I'm sure the other jurors were well meaning…. maybe they didn't understand what reasonable doubt was? Maybe they thought a not guilty verdict meant that they were agreeing that there was a cover up? Maybe they saw the pain the Okeefe family is in and thought they should convict an innocent woman as a way to comfort them? Maybe they were worried that the police would retaliate if they returned a not guilty verdict? Maybe someone intimidated them? Maybe the verdict form confused them?

  4. “ I deem you not guilty because I feel sorry for you.” is not the job of a jury. It is to interpret evidence and apply the law according the legal procedure of the jurisdiction you are in.
    Not every adult is capable of doing this.

  5. Not coming up with a NOT GUILTY verdict after this circus it's scary as hell.
    There was no case and so a hung jury it's not enough but that's where we stand.
    Free Karen Read.

  6. One of the alternat jurors wore pink on the second to last day of jury deliberation. Pink was being worn by the pro Karen Read crowd. The Juror in this report is likely the lady in pink. Very biased.

  7. The jury is what you get when you teach children what to think instead of how to think. When they become adults they cannot see the clues of innocent or guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Karen read should have been set free with a not guilty in my opinion.

  8. Sounds like this alternate took her job very serious. I respect and appreciate her input. It was well thought out. She showed compassion for both sides of the families and she her comments from Proctor didn’t inflame her when it came to the case.( which it shouldn’t have done)
    Could we expect anything more from this juror? I don’t think so!
    Kudos to her for taking her position seriously and giving important feedback.

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