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Judge reprimands Karen Read as jurors begin day 3 of deliberations in murder trial

A Massachusetts judge had a tense exchange with Read after it appeared she smirked during a conversation her lawyer and the judge were having.

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40 thoughts on “Judge reprimands Karen Read as jurors begin day 3 of deliberations in murder trial

  1. Absolutely embarrassing for the Massachusetts justice system. Bev and Lally will live in infamy for the clowns they are. Lally’s ineptitude, Bev’s arrogance and incompetence

  2. You morons are shameless with your conspiracy bs. Let me see if I've got this right. All law enforcement in Massachusetts  is corrupt and lies. All emergency service personnel are corrupt and lies,. The judge is corrupt and lies. All witnesses for the prosecution including experts  and children are corrupt and lie. All John O'Keefe's friends are corrupt and lie. The jurors who don't buy the conspiracy are corrupt and lie. Now you have hit the lowest of lowest standards by insinuating that John O'Keefe's family are corrupt or evil??
    You morons are as bad as the vile , narcissistic, self obsessed, unhinged whackjob that killed John O'keefe with its car. You are even lower than the opportunistic, talentless little Leprechaun who exploited your gullibility in presnting the defense case. They and you have ruined the life of many innocent people. All this because Americans will always buy a conspiracy theory.

  3. KR is the most arrogant defendant…smiling, laughing, while friends who cared about John still tear up. Read is emotionless. She’s also guilty.

  4. Karen Read is despicable and a pure narcissist. Says "because he is DEAD!" Wong no compassion for her long time boyfriend not even using John's name but referring to him as "HE". Her true colors and cold heart revealed through the whole trial.

  5. Damn, this world is crazy and blurry. Feel furious by Those who choose to remain blind. I believe people with non relevant and respect evidence facts logic will believe she is guilty! She Killed! Don't understand what is wrong with this world. Bad cop conduct is only distraction But She did it! Solid. So much so I guess there are huge intimidation involved. There is a video The Karen supporters gathered to celebrate Lucky was a Hero" with applause after his testimony. Imagine what would happen to Lucky if he said something not pleasing.Those wearing green or pink are feeling insane and scary for sure They are bad guys to me. I hope jury can open eyes wider and vote "guilty". Justice for John who met the wrong woman. Comment from Canada… Hope my comment stays… She is a liar if you follow this case closely. Her lie just enrage decent people to the core!


  7. The form is standard. It puts Not Guilty as the first option at the top of the form. Everyone calling the judge corrupt should look at the verdict slip. Option 1 is not guilty of all charges. if that option is not selected, individual guilty verdicts are to be itemized below.

  8. She was laughing cause this is a joke.. this whole thing.. from the canton police, the prosecuting witnesses, trooper proctor, to the judge….. The family deserves justice and the truth to what REALLY happened.. insanity…

  9. I don’t know if they got what they wanted in the end. Maybe I missed something but I thought they wanted not guilty to be displayed as a tick box just like the guilty vote. However I think they settled with wording being rewritten along with a clear explanation within the jury verdict forms. I might be wrong.

  10. The deleting of footage, crime scene and evidence not properly being investigated, the google search, the reselling of the dog and remodelling the home, the video of the car and deleting evidence – I’m not saying she’s innocent, but she is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  11. I can’t imagine any context where it would be appropriate for her to LAUGH during the trial. Disgraceful! And who are the clowns who are doing the perimeter walk with her?

  12. This case has given me another perfect example to show people, in a nutshell, what I always say about dating or marrying law enforcement. DON’T DO IT. Statistically they are already more likely to be violent abusers, alcoholics & control freaks. So what happens when they end up being a part of that statistic? Who do you call to save you?? Oh yeah… their freaking coworkers! And remember, law enforcement works closely with prosecutors, judges, local government etc.
    And I’m not saying all cops are abusers fyi, but I am saying that it’s the number one profession for abusers and the odds are not in your favor for your safety or justice if that happens. Same goes for custody battles and divorce. Just NOPE.

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