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Judge denies motion to dismiss murder case against Karen Read

Karen Read’s last hope of avoiding a trial was squashed Tuesday as the Judge presiding over her second-degree murder case denied a motion to dismiss her indictment.

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18 thoughts on “Judge denies motion to dismiss murder case against Karen Read

  1. How dare these idiotic people cheer for this cop killer.. dont look at what she looks like,or being a woman either, Murders come in all colors and genders!!!🤬 She took a life and should pay for it with her own….SEE YOU IN JAIL" KAREN "LOL THE NAME FITS YOU!!

  2. She ratted herself out in the CBS interview.
    She made several statements about her guilt the following day. She wasn’t charged with 2nd degree for nothing. There’s plenty of evidence against her, plenty.
    Everything is everyone else’s fault except hers.
    She’s a smug, self centered person with a cold heart.
    She’s going to prison…….. believe that!

  3. She Carrie’s herself as if she’s a lawyer.. she exhibits no humility, if I was her attorney, I’d advise her to change her behavior when that jury walks in the room… she has a very arrogant demeanor or look and if I’m on the jury and observe that, good luck convincing me you are innocent.

  4. For canonne not to dismiss because the defense did not point to any case law, regarding improprieties from connections with parties investigating this under oath, There is such a thing as setting a precedent. Where the hell did she go to law school?

  5. You've got to be mesmerized to not see this coming and see her defense now crumbling as their delay tactics are wearing thin and are exhausted. They should make the barrier 500 miles. It takes a special kind of psychotic to line the stairway of a courthouse as if Yeshua was about to come deliver a sermon. If you tell me they are being paid or have $kin in the game, okay but if they're really out there of their own tax free will, that's pathetic. The media needs to start filling in the blanks, instead of giving credence to preposterous defense prestidigitations. Stick to the facts of reality. They both headed to an after bar hopping and drinking and driving in a blizzard party. One person was left at the party's location, the other person departed. Why? They had a fight. Over what? Who was in the house. IMO John O'Keefe was calling Karen Read's bluff. He knew she cheated on him with one of the men in that house. This was a showdown. After he exited the vehicle, Karen him him, knocking his head on that large rock protruding from the ground. What makes it 2nd Degree Murder is she left the scene, returned to the scene, left again, was the one who found him in the dark, lied about her movements, tried to hide her phones and took extensive steps to hire a team of trolls to cover up her crime and blame it on others.

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