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John O’Keefe’s Children Detail Relationship with Karen Read, Day 18 Recap

Day 18: Victim John O’Keefe’s adopted children, who are also his niece and nephew, took the stand to describe his relationship with defendant Karen Read. The kids said it was all great at first but then started going downhill.

00:00 MA v. Karen Read
03:08 Day 18 Recap
18:08 Expert Analysis
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39 thoughts on “John O’Keefe’s Children Detail Relationship with Karen Read, Day 18 Recap

  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why the children testified. The kids weren’t witnesses to the cause of their uncles death. I would have been worried about traumatizing kids that had already lost so much. I feel for the family, but they seem hell bent on KR being a killer regardless of evidence. The interview with the brother after the trial has caused my opinion.

  2. I truly think they didn't like her with John. So they took the perfect opportunity for disruption. Even more nasty is that dude texting her. The overcooked footlong hot dog dude. 🤢 Brian H. Shady as fuk.
    My heart and prayers go out to John and his family. 🌼🤍🌼

  3. It was done so Jennifer could be grilled about why calls on her phone was deleted. Why would she make someone else to make calls for her. KR had everyone’s call numbers. KR lawyer is a bully. And he changes and makes assumptions on every comment a police or Johns family member makes.

  4. KR was looking for someone else, it was noted in the Higgins’s texts, he was honest. KR stated she did not want anything to do with John’s family at all. KR stated think of the bad times and i wont be talking to you again. So if she KR was a caring person which she stated, why would she state she was sick of being a mother figure and did not want to look after them. KR knew where the body was found.

  5. He didn’t know the preservation order was removed. He admits that got rid of the phone and SIM card before he was notified that the preservation order was removed

  6. A medical examiner later reported that O'Keefe had abrasions to his right arm, several lacerations to the face, two black eyes, and skull fractures which would have contributed to brain bleeding. They determined that hypothermia was a contributing factor to O'Keefe's death. Enough said by the ME

  7. Circumstantial evidence coming in HOT from the McAlberts, and Higgins players!! FBI Dr. Wolfe, with every certification & PHD stated: No Lexus struck John O’Keefe, & John O’Keefe struck no Lexus! And what is with the attitude of the ER doctor, Dr. Rice!!??? 🤬

  8. Higgins testifies with arrogant confidence while he makes the story up as he goes, as if he’ll not see a bit of trouble for his dealings, what a jerk. So, what happens to all these diabolical people regarding the preservation orders they broke? 6 mo probation?

  9. They are NOT his children–his brother died and he had to take them. He really didn't want them, and he wasn't a very good parent. He left a fair amount of the parenting to his girlfriend, Karen. Very sad.

  10. The dog probably jumped on him and he probably kicked the dog – then the hot headed kid and his cousin jumped O’Keefe then a fight ensued where maybe the dad jumped in. Then they three him out on the lawn. Yep that’s what happened. Or the kid started it and then the dog jumped in.

  11. I can certainly understand that Karen would ask herself that question of could she had hit him??? It’s boggling to find him dead in the snow. One would never imagine that he was beat up and thrown there.
    Who does that!?! Savages!

  12. Resuscitation for only 30 minutes before you called it when he's hypothermic????? STUPID! They aren't dead until they are warm!!!! He had a lucas on, he was intubated. you had enough epi to keep pushing . Please tell me if any of the ER staff got a bgl on him? what was his ER chemistry levels? Sounds like the 7am end of shift calling tod" .

  13. Everyone has their opinion. I question whether or not they had a specialist who has actually dealt with larger dog bites. My small dog was attacked by a German Shepherd years ago and her entire stomach and side had identical lacerations to John O’Keefe’s arm. The vet explained that large breeds often bite into the flesh with their front teeth and as the victim pulls away to free themself a laceration in the form of a straight line is produced.

  14. How could anyone think she did it. Just by the way the witnesses acted deleting of messages that google search from McCabe at 215 or whatever cmon another cop coverup

  15. Oh for craps sakes! The video of John and Karen at the bar shows the two were getting along fine. All couples have disagreements. Especially if alcohol is involved. The Albert's are the ones responsible for John's death.

  16. Karen is clearly guilty and the most obvious evidence of that is the fact that she woke the niece and had her make multiple phone calls. There's no reason Karen could not have made those phone calls herself. Unless of course she was busy concocting a story, cleaning evidence, etc. This is precisely the kind of behavior you see from guilty people. No reason at all to get the child involved. Every time I've seen this happen, it's because the person getting the child involved has committed the crime

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