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Jeff Teague says Klay Thompson should be PISSED over Paul George to Warriors rumors | Club 520

Jeff Teague and the Club 520 guys react to the rumors that Paul George may team up with Steph Curry on the Golden State Warriors. Jeff explains how Klay Thompson may be PISSED that the Warriors would give Paul George a four-year max contract, but won’t offer Klay anything.

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21 thoughts on “Jeff Teague says Klay Thompson should be PISSED over Paul George to Warriors rumors | Club 520

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  2. Jeff Teague is an NBA player most NBA players are going to have each other’s back. The lead is more friendly. It’s not like Jordan Bird Kareem or Bill Russell era. Klay Thompson been hurt and he’s not the same that would be. He has made his millions and his money y’all I love watching his podcast cause I love Jeff he went to the college that I went to Wake Forest but you gotta stop being friendly.

  3. Paul George has always been better than Klay. With that being said, Golden State would be a worse situation than the Clippers. Unless he just want the money.

  4. People in the comments wanting a millionaire to take a paycut from a billonaire is crazy work. You dont take paycuts at your job when someone else performs better than you and neither should players. Demand the max for time put in and if they dont give it to you, go elsewhere

  5. Just putting myself in these comments so I can come back and show y’all, a shooter never losing shooting… Klay is mentally drained after they signed Poole, & gave him a reduced role.. when in reality, Klay is the first player outside the top 75 all time… he don’t wanna play for them anymore. He gone show up next year if he lands in the right situation.

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