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Jason Cundy SLAMS Cristiano Ronaldo For CRYING After Penalty MISS Against Slovenia! 😡🔥

Jamie O’Hara & Jason Cundy react to Portugal’s dramatic win over Slovenia via a penalty shootout in the round of 16 at Euro 2024.


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25 thoughts on “Jason Cundy SLAMS Cristiano Ronaldo For CRYING After Penalty MISS Against Slovenia! 😡🔥

  1. There is so much to comment but to be honest, I don't even know who these 2 jokers are. All I see is they are:
    1. England Supporters
    2. Messi fans (mentioning "did Messi cry")
    3. CR7 haters.

  2. These footballers are all sooks . I love the game but these guys are embarrassing a lot of the time . A grown man Crying because he missed a penalty is embarrassing. Laying on the ground like a wounded bird , always holding their ankle after a tackle when the replay shows there was nothing in it is pathetic . The women’s World Cup showed the women can take a tackle and jump up again . Honestly these guys are becoming more and more like wee girls with all their cry baby antics .

  3. When Messi missed penalty and faked retirement where were you guys.
    Why do your channel and guest hates Ronaldo. Oh I forgot that’s how you fed your stomach. Same on you. I wish I could block this channel.. let’s report this channel where they only spread hate..

  4. The English are a very jealous and hypocritical people. They like to cover up that they are mediocres. They don’t want people to know because they like to feel superior to others, they like to undermine others , therefore, when someone opens the door and shows the world how mediocre they are, they get mad. CR7 opened the door and showed how mediocre Man United was and this year he was proven completely right, so they try everything to undermine him. Besides, English have no self awareness.

  5. I think the gentleman with a black shirt should be quiet!!!!! Did not Messi miss a penalty shot yet!!!! Let me tell you: how many people know you guys ???? How many people knows CR7???? So please have some respect!! White shirt man England was in the edge of going home!!! And Portugal would beat England, lol he happened lots of times!!! Have a good program

  6. Funny how comment section here is mainly support to Ronaldo, meanwhile in their responses are only things like “penaldo” or “he shouldn’t do that”, but never arguing that. Bruh, who let 10 yrs old kids have internet

  7. Of course Ronaldo missed the penalty? Such an idiot! Go check when he miss the last one IDIOT! Go learn about football and then analise a football player. This kind of opinios shows how a person is so ridiculous!

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