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Jan Vertonghen OWN GOAL | France vs Belgium 1-0 Highlights Goals | UEFA EURO 2024

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This video is a gameplay of the American game eFootball.
If you are looking for the best moments of this game, you should look for broadcasters that hold the rights to images of the game in which you are looking to watch the best moments.

My Channel is focused on bringing you simulated shots in the American game eFootball. This here is the official Game Channel @play_efootball

The channel @MalckinX brings gameplay that simulates the game in the electronic game eFootball.

In this video I show the simulation of the match using the Game eFootball from the company @play_efootball.

Thank you for watching this simulation. Check back often for new content.

France – Belgium | UEFA EURO 2024 | Highlights and Goals | Match Highlights
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– This video is a gameplay of the Game (eFootball Pes21).
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