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Is Klay Done In Golden State?

Klay Thompson’s free agency is one of the most fascinating storylines of the offseason.

The 13-year veteran is still a valuable component of modern offenses, but Thompson needs to be realistic about that value at this stage of his career.

It might be painful for Warriors fans to envision Klay in another team’s jersey, but Golden State is right to play hard ball with the four-time champion.

Written & Narrated by: Joseph Casciaro (@JosephCasciaro | X)
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29 thoughts on “Is Klay Done In Golden State?

  1. Answer me this question….who’s gonna replace Klay Thompson in GS ? Who !? Who has the same playoff experience and fits in with the warriors style of basketball ? I swear, if I see Zach Lavigne replace Klay I am done watching basketball. Moving backwards af.

  2. It's a shame that all trades and contracts have to be checked against the economics and new rules. Klay was great on the second team, where he was the star(equivalent to Steph on the starting unit in a way), but that also was with Chris Paul. I wish Klay all the luck in the world, and thanks for all you did for us.

  3. Klay never evolved his game. That was his problem. Now defenses and injuries are catching up. Imagine he's a catch and shoot guy when he came in the league. Now a veteran, still does the same – only with a lesser efficiency.

  4. Let the old man go he's done he's part, let not Curry suffer more by carrying the team in he's shoulder coz of klay and green, curry deserve a more suitable teammates that he can trust. After klay injury he became a hit or miss player sad but true💯👍

  5. man leeched GSW for 2 years of his injury seasons, and he's not the same guy for another 2 years on that contract either, only 1 year he justified getting paid that max, and now the shadow of himself, giving less contributions than a rookie, and his best running mate still competing for another title while he, only talk about the past, is just not deserving of what he's asking.
    we get it, paid your veterans and let him retire in comfort, be thankful for them, BUT only Klay is declining, Steph is still close to MVP caliber player and ready to compete, Dray will always work in their team system, only u Klay! get less money or stop burdening your teammates, move on!

  6. GSW front office needs to handle this correctly and not waste Steph's last golden years
    Don't screw it up like the Lakers that should've built around AD and the young ones not the old legend Bron and his nepo son

  7. damn… klay really went from one of the most likeable and unhateable guys in the nba to a total diva. i'll still celebrate klay at the end of the day and whatever it is that he decides to do. he's meant a lot to the nba and helped define an era. i'm just really sad and disappointed that he's turned greedy and sour.

  8. As much as I love Klay, the way he handle this situation is way to delusional to get max from any kind of front office. He'll need to face on the mirror and better ask himself. If he is still the same guy.

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