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16 thoughts on “In Karen Read trial, experts testify O’Keefe’s DNA was on taillight

  1. INSANE corrupt people! Goes along with how they found Johns DNA on his own clothing. The irony of finding TWO other DNA sources but didnt even try to find out whos it is. Gee wonder whos it was?🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. When will CBS update this expose: "A long history of corruption in Massachusetts state police" "Report from 1990s warned of lax oversight. Recent (2019) revelations show little has changed." No kidding. SO many articles…"Simmering Boston police-corruption charges boil over". Not just Proctor. ALL of them.

  3. The cop's DNA wouldn't be found on the taillight IF he was planting evidence because he would have worn gloves. He'd have to be monumentally stupid to plant DNA evidence with his bare hands.

    The chain of custody of the tail light, for how long, and who had access would need to be scrutinized.

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