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I Don’t Want Klay To Go To The Nuggets

The Klay Thompson Market is starting to heat up, and suddenly, there are a bunch of teams that could be in on Klay that Warriors fans should shudder over the thought of him going to.

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20 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Klay To Go To The Nuggets

  1. Murray Klay mpj Gordon jokic.. that’s a championship lineup but they don’t have a bench. Y’all should want better for Klay lol

  2. The nuggets and the mavs are looking at klay. I don't want to see him with either. I rather him go to the clippers, or suns or 76ers or the knicks. Or best case scenario Orlando

  3. Warriors fans fault pickin a goofy like Draymond who misses 20 plus game over your 2nd best scorer. Your not getting Paul George because you still have to pay Steph the Super Max. Along with Wiggins 27 million, Draymond 25 million, & CP3 30 million. Overpaid bums 🚮

  4. I said this from the get go and this is probably a coaching problem why everything broke down this way the last few years. Klay came back from 2 major injuries and hadn’t played for a couple years. When he came back they threw him right back into that starter role! I said the day he came back poole is playing insanely well and looks like the future of this team, n klay should play 6th man for a while so he can take his time to come back n not feel pressured to have to be the old klay right away. Poole was hot so let him keep doing his thing and things will work out how they should in due time. Instead they sat poole then that draymond thing happened. Nobody knew what the hell is going on, then u trade poole. Then wiggins is gone and still doesnt look like hes officially back and nobody knows why. Now all of this with klay. I dont think people would of been as hard on klay and klay wouldnt feel so much pressure on his back if the coaching staff didnt just throw him out there right away and then trade poole making him the main sg for offense and defense. I get why they traded poole eventually cause draymond knocked all off pooles basketball skills out of his body that day. But all that stuff i mentioned should have never happened.

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