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How Klay Thompson will ELEVATE Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving & Dallas Mavericks | Hoops Tonight

Jason Timpf reacts to Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and the Dallas Mavericks adding Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. Jason discusses what schematic changes Dallas must implement to get the most out of Klay, and whether this addition is enough after a 4-1 loss to the Boston Celtics in the 2024 NBA Finals.

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34 thoughts on “How Klay Thompson will ELEVATE Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving & Dallas Mavericks | Hoops Tonight

  1. I’m not sure how you would think this is a bad fit the Mavs lost the finals cuz they literally had no consistent shooters. They were able to get away with it the entire run because of their defense and the combo of Lukai was masterful but Boston was just too prepared and too much offensively for that to work. Adding Klay, Grimes and Naji helps them with their shooting and now they have actually great defenders in the team as well

  2. Kyrie and Luka are savants. They’ll change up the offense for Klay to flourish plus he’ll get wide open looks 😂. Naji is way better than DJJ it’s not even close. The Mavs got a lot better. Grimes is better than Green too.

  3. Thought way too far about fit with klay. It’s literally so simple klay one of the best catch and shoot guys ever and Luka generates the most open looks ever. Mavs don’t run all the off ball screens because they do not need to to get open shots

  4. These are really misleading % he was saying the entire video. Notice he was throwing around klays 40% from 3 the entire episode, yet he shot more like 20% this past year. And lets not forget his confidence is at an all time low. So were not going to talk about klay shooting 0-11 in his final game as a warrior, got moved to bemch to replaced by a rookie? I dont understand why anyone would pick klay over demar, demar has become one of the best mid range shooters in the league and would be an assest not a liability like klay is. I think its important to take your biases out when making real predictions and run a show based on what happens in the NBA, this guy also said LBJ is in the top 3 best players in the league which isnt true at all. Le bron shouldnt even be on the Olympic team.

  5. The Mavs only had two movement shooters THJ and Kyrie. Kyrie was counted on for creation splitting minutes THJ became unplayable. Before he did we had like 5 different sets we ran for him he shot 14 shots a game

  6. Hardaway Jr, Derrick Jones Jr and Josh Green can not create off the dribble.. Grimes, Marshall and Thompson while not great off the ball playmakers are definitely an improvement. And the outside shooting is clearly an up grade…defensive it's a wash

  7. if they stick to klay then that means luka is 1 on 1 and has a lane to the paint

    imagine thinking this would be a clunky offensive fit because we don’t need klay running around out there constantly

    you really overthink things

  8. I remember a clip during the finals of Luka at practice doing catch and shoot 3s off the screen and he said he was working on it for next season. Now with Klay in Dallas I definitely can see the offense changing.

  9. What i would really like to know is what exactly did the GSW management tell Klay on where they see him currently in his career( or where they saw him when they offered him that 2 year 48m prior to last year). He declined that offer, wanted to prove hes better than that, and we had the same streaky Klay last year, to a point where he was coming off the bench.

    They probably told him hes realistically the #3 guy, and theyre looking for a #2 for steph?? Klay was probably upset at that reality.

    And now hes on the mavs… At best hes the #3 guy or at worst, will probably come off the bench for Naji…
    If he wanted a 3 year deal instead of a 2… You would think the warriors could have matched what the mavs offered😂

  10. Boston played a 2-3 zone because of Luka’s slower pace of play. With Klay, Dallas can now effectively and efficiently play a 1-3-1 which places the offense in the gaps of the zones.

    Meaning- Klay will sit on the wing, Kyrie will sit on the opposite wing, Pj will sit at the free throw line and Lively will be in the dunker spot/post. Boston can’t stop this motion because the minute their defense drops, you have great shooters on the wings and the moment the center pops up, Lively is available for the lob.

    This also addresses them leaving Pj open for the 3, because he’ll be positioned at the free throw line. Pj has shown the ability to get to the rim from the free line.

  11. Quentin Grimes was a nice piece for the Dallas Mavericks. He is an aggressive play finisher and shooter, who can guard. I’ve noticed he doesn’t hesitate to shoot, he reminds me of Jamal Murray

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