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41 thoughts on “Highlights: France – Belgium

  1. Some people understand absolutely nothing about football and they only watch the highlights of France. France completely dominated Belgium. France plays experienced, solid and very well-controlled football. They easily create opportunities. If you underestimated France because of their lack of finishing in front of goal then you will be really surprised. Lol.

  2. Шта је ово ?
    Имао сам дојаву у 83 минути😢
    Ко је зајебао😅?
    Ево можете видети синоћне коментаре
    Тако за све утакмице.
    Зна се резултат.

  3. Belgium was pathetic ince again. De Bruyne running the defence instead of the attack for 3/4 of the game. Lukaku walking for 90mins. Tedesco is useless. Why not repkace Lukaku, the most useless player on the field, with Trossard !??! I wont support Belgium ever again…

  4. Унылое зрелище! Одна бесплодная беготня! Большинство команд как штамповки демонстрируют скучный и однообразный футбол! Не чемпионат Европы, а чемпионат ЕС…

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