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Golden State was fair to Klay Thompson

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30 thoughts on “Golden State was fair to Klay Thompson

  1. We all know that if Draymmond could get that much, how dare you not give Klay?

    Bullshit….enabled Greens bad behaviour yet won't give Klay a similar deal

  2. Honestly, loosing Klay is a good move for the team. His Ill advised shots aren’t going down like it used to and his a liability on the defensive end now. Give those mins to Podz and now Hield which both are way better defenders than Klay now. It’s crazy to say this but loosing him and CP3 made us a better team!

  3. Klay has been not good for 3 years..After his injuries and his age..Father Time caught up. The Man had a great carrer..Luka and Kyrie will get him alot of clean looks..Best of luck

  4. #1 first and foremost TAXES, TAXES, TAXES. Who ever says different is lying to them selves. #2 The Lakers don't have the money to pay him even the $20 they reportedly offered. Grow up Stephen A$$

  5. I love Steven A but as far as the Warriors treatment of Klay goes I believe they did him wrong. They devalued him and treated him like a stepchild. They moved mountains for everyone else but just let him go! He didn’t want Steph to use his influence, he wanted them to see his worth and want to keep him without being forced. When he realized he wasn’t valued he was out! Well, I can tell you the fans in the Bay valued him and are upset! The bond that made our team special has been broken! The story isn’t there anymore. We’re just an ordinary team with a Superstar. Nothing really to see anymore. We are going back to irrelevancy. I’m no longer excited to watch. Everyone I speak to feels the same way. This new GM is dismantling everything that was special about our Warrior’s. So disappointing!

  6. You can tell from the post of just him alone with the 4 championships that Klay is just a selfish dude. Never thought he was really like that smh. He does believe that they did him wrong lol

  7. Warriors maxed out Klay through his injuries. Not only that they offered him 2 years 48 before the season. So 8 mil per year more than what he got. He turned it down. So he either A) wants a change of scenery or B) bet on himself thinking he could get 30+ million and was wrong. Either way not on the Warriors man.

  8. Kobe could Not get a superstar to join the Lakers did you forget? Aren't you the one who always saying taxes is a big part of the decision. Stop starting conspiracy theories. This is one of the main reasons black athletes left you SAS.

  9. You guys act like Golden State knew Klay tore his achilles and still paid him the maximum contract. golden state only pays the maximum contract because they think klay only has an acl so don't think golden state is fair, and what is the reason klay has an acl??? is because golden state forces klay to play while hamstringed if golden state gives up the series vs raptors klay will be great until today and not get judges some dudes on the internet . So the warriors did owning him way much more than you guys thinks😂😂

  10. You can "think what you want"… follow your own advice, why didn't Curry fight to keep his brother… if he wanted him there he would be there….. but that guy's name must flow from your mouth for views….we're just asking.. just asking

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