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GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Portugal 0-0 (3-0) Slovenia

Goldbridge best bits as Portugal beat Slovenia 3-0 on pens

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45 thoughts on “GOLDBRIDGE Best Bits | Portugal 0-0 (3-0) Slovenia

  1. Only thing more laughable than teams double parking buses during this Euro and always lose with a Own goal or a Pen is thinking about how United spent so much money on Onono when every one on earth knew Diogo Costa was so much better than him already.

  2. Slovenia didn't miss all 3 pens, it was Diogo Costa who saved them. In the champions league 22/23 season, he saved 2 penalties in the same game against Leverkusen and 1 penaltie against Club Brugge. He's one of the best GK in the world and in the transfermarket is the most valuable GK in the world. These guys didn't even mention how good he is, typical english arrogance. Pickford is the real good one lol

  3. Past it Christiano Ronaldo will be the first name on the team sheet followed by equally past it Pepe. Didier Deschamps will be whooping with delight. Portugal are in for a good drubbing against France, playing with only nine players, a forty something and the C7 brand celebrity.

  4. I'll be honest, I don't like the streams with Will as much as the streams with just Mark. No hate on him, he seems like a nice guy, but when I come to That's football I come to watch Goldbridge.
    If he did streams on different games with other hosts, I'd probably like those better.

  5. 39 year old self obsessed man crying because he never broke a personal record not because he missed for his teammates and country, that’s the top and bottom of it. If he was a chocolate bar he’d suck the life out the wrapper aswell.

  6. When United were going for Onana and Diogo Costa was an option, i always said go for Costa as he is soooooo underrated for a GK. He has the passing range and he is way better with consistent performances for Porto. and he is very young still for a GK. More improvement in the future. United wasted a chance to get him.

  7. I can understand some people barrating Slovenia for "parking the bus". But come on, man, we're not a top level team, we just barely made it to the round of 16. The entire team played their absolute hearts out, isn't that something to give credit to? Their midfield is average and their attack, even if Šeško has an absolute howitzer for a kick, is still very young and needs a lot more experience at a major tournament.

    Great game against Portugal, wish them all the best against France, but Slovenia also deserve props for actually managing to put up a fight against the Portuguese.

  8. That was the torch pass we ain’t seen goalkeepers perform like that since Oliver khan and Peter schmeichel the new era of ballon dor winners will be goalkeepers and deservedly so with Costa being the man to beat

  9. I hate to disrespect any Portuguese but however you do the rest of the tournament, I hope this is Ronaldo’s last euros. And the 2026 World Cup is his last international tournament (I’m sure he wants to be at the World Cup in North America no doubt). He’s nearly 40. How much longer can he really keep going? How much longer can Portugal build themselves around him?

  10. I can't even. We tried but couldn't score in 90 mins, should have conceded and probably lost at 115 mins after a missed penalty (well saved from Oblak) just for our goalkeeper to produce history making it the first goalkeeper to save 3 penalties in the shootout. I'm just grateful we don't have to play low block teams because we suck badly against them, at least with France we won't have to suffer through that. Our best game was against Türkiye who wanted to attack and France will do the same even though they are better than Türkiye and better than us.

  11. It wasn't a penalty because Diogo Jota steps on the foot of the Slovenian defender before anything else. It was a foul the other way.

  12. Penaldo miss at 5:42 😂

    He's crying at 6:27 😂

    For the Ronaldo d_riders in the comments, who tf cries at half time?
    15m to go and he's in tears, that's embarrassing. If he's crying what should the younger players do? Zero leadership there.

    He was good once, not anymore.

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