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Gil’s Arena Reacts To Klay & PG Shaking Up NBA Free Agency

Gil’s Arena Reacts To The Start of NBA Free Agency as Gilbert Arenas & The Gil’s Arena Crew return to the arena to break down all the deals across the NBA including Paul George to the Philadelphia 76ers, James Harden staying with the Los Angeles Clippers and Chris Paul joining forces with Victor Wembanyama to mentor the young San Antonio Spurs. They also examine the current state of Klay Thompson’s Free Agency, debating if the Golden State Warriors did their superstar dirty by letting him reach free agency and discuss where they best fit for Klay is between the Los Angeles Lakers & Dallas Mavericks. Finally, the crew reacts to Bronny James heading to the Lakers to join his father LeBron James and break down how the father-son duo will mesh together on the same team before discussing LeBron’s free agency and the rumors of the king potentially taking a pay cut to improve the Lakers roster. Please give us a Like & Subscribe!!!

Gil’s Arena Crew – Kenyon Martin & Brandon Jennings

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Intro 0:00:00
Show Start 0:02:12
Bronny James To The Lakers 0:08:30
LeBron & Laker’s Free Agency 0:26:36
Paul George To The 76ers 0:46:03
Biggest Threats In The East 0:58:17
Clippers Picked Kawhi Over PG 1:03:42
Worst Trade In NBA History 1:10:50
Future For Harden and Clippers 1:26:44
Klay Thompson Joins The Dallas Mavericks 1:35:31
How Will Warriors Big 3 Be Remembered? 2:07:46
MostlyFans 2:10:51

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22 thoughts on “Gil’s Arena Reacts To Klay & PG Shaking Up NBA Free Agency

  1. Lakers are not contenders this upcoming season. Especially if Bronny needs playing time to stay sharp and Lakers have to invest in development.
    Lakers are not really a place to develop players, they're used to going after championships.

  2. Big ups to lebron for being able to be still this good that lakers have almost no choice but to dragt his son. I can't imagine having my son serve in the military and in the same unit as I am? Sheeeeesh forget about it!

  3. Tell me you never seen kawhi play with out telling me you habent seen kawhi play……kawhi is a billion times better and cared enough to take less money…p george is an excuse maker and an 11 shot player in a must win play off game with kawhi out lol ….kawhi over george anyday ….kawhi never runs from hard work p george does.

  4. The Warriors did Klay dirty.. bottom line. Averaging 18 and the year before he led them to the playoffs and led the league in 3s. They talk about the players deteriorating but what it really is Bob Myers decision making has deteriorated and Dumbleavy is no better. What they didnt mention was they couldve got Antman but they made the wrong decision. They didnt get anything for Klay Poole CP3 or Wiseman. Bad front office

  5. Bruh… klay can’t do a regular lay up. Like regular. One of the Most unathletic bball player of all time…. A lot of these guys can’t use there left neither. It’s sad they get this much money for this type of job

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