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33 thoughts on “Germany 2-3 Belgium | KDB Masterclass | #REDDEVILS | Friendly

  1. This is why Belgium didn’t go further in the World Cup. Having hazard as captain and having “experienced” players won’t get you far, you need an experienced midfielder and younger wingers and a hungry striker.

  2. Everybody in Belgium is now improving, They learned from the World Cup. Mangala, Lukebakio , Theate, Etc.. Have really good performance and we might be 4,3,2 or even win the Euro. Just this is historic they’re like Belgium 2018, Good job Belgium and good luck for 🇧🇪vs🇦🇹 at home! I also wanna add Lukebakio Theate Mangala have a great start to the team and welcome to Belgium have great years of football !!!!

  3. Anyone noted that Wilmots only brought some spirit into the team but was short in tactics : Conte destroyed him in Lyon 2016 and Wales was his start and downfall (win 0-2 2012, draw 1-1 2013, draw 0-0 2014, loss 1-0 2015 and utter loss 3-1 in 2016)

    Martinez brought some backbone to maximize the prime of the team, from WC2018 qualifiers to 1/8 Portugal 2021, everything wasn't wasted.

    WC2022 was too much but he did something greater for Belgium: improving the youth formation structures so the country won't have to wait long before another golden generation.

    Let see what D.T. can do with that legacy…

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