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Free Agency Day 1 Reaction: PG To 76ers, CP3 To Spurs & More! | The Hoop Collective

Free Agency Day 1 Reaction: PG To 76ers, CP3 To Spurs & More! | The Hoop Collective
Brian Windhorst is joined by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps and Tim MacMahon to react to the first day of NBA free agency including major developments with Paul George to Philly, Chris Paul & Klay Thompson leaving Golden State, KCP headed to Orlando and more! Plus, reaction to the Dejounte Murray trade.
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0:00 Intro
1:15 Why 76ers For Paul George?
17:01 State Of The Warriors
30:52 Final Spot For Klay Thompson
43:11 Dejounte Murray Trade Reaction
47:15 Orlando Steps Up, Denver Steps Back
59:43 Thanks For Watching!

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31 thoughts on “Free Agency Day 1 Reaction: PG To 76ers, CP3 To Spurs & More! | The Hoop Collective

  1. Denver is pathetic organization. They are cooked they are broken… Unfortunately for Jokić he carried that team for years and NEVER played with someone really good. My advice for him is: Run brother RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Bro who is Tim Bontemps and why is he on tv talking about basketball? the best big 3 big a long shot? IF and maybe IF they remained healthy. What a blasphemous comment to make, is he trying to click bait ?

  4. First day of free agency nuggets go from top 3 to not even top 5. Letting your roster get worse while your rivals get better shows the nuggets ownership/management have no more desire to compete for a chip. Just content with making playoffs and seeing what happens. Sad when you have a 3 time MVP in his prime just wasting away now. Jokic should force a trade but he probably doesn't care much anymore either…

  5. I love Bontemps and I think highly of him. He is one of the best and most impartial reporter out there. However, calling the 6ers with an injury prone Embitch and PG the best top 3 in the league is an outrageous take. They are very talented, but we don’t know if they fit together nor whether they’ll be healthy enough to play together long enough. Therefore, they may be the best top 3 names combo in the league, but they are definitely not the best top 3 players. They are not even the best top 3 in their own conference. The Celtics have the best top 3. Whether it is JT, JB and KP or JT, JB and D White or JT, JB and Jrue. Take your pick.

  6. My good windhorst and to some degree McMahon were insufferable this episode regarding the Sixers, is there some sort of hatred towards them now they are a threat? I really appreciated having Bontemps with a little perspective on the situation and putting them in their place. So what if the Sixers were in the front seat at the end there? They still go the deal
    Done. And windhorst last off season was all over glazing the suns and how good they’d be? But now he’s lost that enthusiasm for the Sixers? Weird energy from those two today.

  7. Denver is definitely a 2nd-tier team now. Orlando got a Championship-level dawg in KCP. Klay is probably better off in Dallas; unless GSW finds a way to trade for Markkanen while keeping Kuminga; hopefully Utah REALLY likes Andrew Wiggins. Killah Klay on that Mavs team is gonna be a great way to wind down his career. He even has a reason to move his boat down with.

  8. Bontemps Paul George may not be a top 20 player anymore and maxey may not be a top 20 player yet. Explain why this trio is better than the trio of Tatum, brown, porzingis or Tatum, brown, holiday

  9. Whatever Bontemps is, it starts with a$$h0le. 🤣 His two kindly older bros Windy and MacMahon continually foster his cantankerous nature by letting him pop-off whenever the vent blows. He's much more reserved on other shows, with the shorter airtime. This is my favorite pod, hands down!

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