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23 thoughts on “France vs Belgium 1-0 Roy Keane And Gary Neville Reaction | Postmatch Analysis

  1. Euro 24 has proven that the miscellaneous skills, corners, free kicks, ball juggling etc , have all died a horrible death during this cycle of football.

    And thats that.
    This is football now ,no more new cycles ,the CF is already a rarity ,and the short passing midfielder the bloated norm.

  2. Yes England and France arent enjoyable to watch… so is this whole Euro. Star players seem exhausted, pitchs aren't perfect and managers don't take many risks. Big difference is Deschamps doesn't fear and care to be ugly as long as France is winning, and with 4 finals in 8 years, nobody can critic him too much.

  3. I love the way this French guy so casually condemns England and the English "fans" who do nothing but fucking moan. Absolutely right, Frenchie. We deserve NOTHING the way we go on.

  4. Spain and germany look the best so far – england have a chance can only get better , palmer to start , play 442 , drop foden only cause it the team will be better balanced

  5. You are all saying it’s all boring because you are all English and your team can’t play shit together but you’re not the center of the world and Europe, other teams are playing great football just stop focusing on your own shit and give props to the others

  6. Honestly none of the so called big teams except Spain have turned up… its all about NOT losing against lower teams who are all about NOT losing… this makes for an awful spectacle … really disappointing and England are worst of a bad bunch… its all totally uninspiring.

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