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20 thoughts on “France National team in 2022-23 World Cup ( Qatar)🥶

  1. Le racisme et la xénophobe a encore de beaux ambassadeurs ils confondent origine ethnique et nationalité pourtant tous ces joueurs sont nés en.france si on.suit leur logique l Argentine c est l.Italie le bresil c est l.Afrique et le Portugal l allemagne c est la turquie

  2. Antoine Griezmann is a French footballer who was born on March 21, 1991. Antoine Griezmann today plays as a striker for Atlético Madrid on loan from FC Barcelona in La Liga. It was on March 5, 2014 that he was selected for the French team for the first time. Thx wikipedia

  3. Love to see all these haters pop up in the comments it shows France football team is feared 😂😂😂 Those who criticize or hate on others often reveal more about themselves than the person they are targeting. It's a reflection of their own insecurities and jealousy.

  4. France all their lives depend to Africa and they are the most recist nation on the planet specially agains the Africans… near future will be kicking out African..

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