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28 thoughts on “FIRST TAKE | “This is beginning of the END!” – Stephen A. reacts to Klay Thompson unfollows Warriors

  1. I understand its about money and championships at the end of the day, but GS organization has made some bad decisions . I'm not a GS fan but give KT his money and respect (splash brothers) ijs

  2. Three things
    He must’ve forgot they paid him even when he was hurt now he’s unfollowing the franchise wow
    Two everybody’s talking only about offense apparently they forgot you have to play defense also his defense is not the same. He’s a liability on defense we just saw that in the Boston an Dallas finals
    Third he’s 34 years old it’s not like he’s going to get better at that age
    It’s a business they have to run

  3. I’m looking at the numbers and I don’t understand what the big deal is I mean you can’t find someone to cover the 3pt spread or 2% fg or 3% drop in the 3 I believe he can get better at just 3’s and not so much drive or stop and pop, but who knows what next season will look like for his %’s

  4. Why they even listening to Draymond, he's not going to show his true feelings, he knows it's over,he got money, that they should have gave to Klay,Draymond only value is only with Klay and Steph, Kat Williams said,2024 it will show, Draymond u are next,they going to part with you, you will not be part of the rebuild 😂😂😂

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