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42 thoughts on “FIRST TAKE | “Mavericks give Klay Thompson a better chance to win champ than Lakers” – Stephen A.

  1. Klay would have been better off with the lakers. Think about all the practice shots he would get in the nba. Wide open shots. Klay could have definitely bounced back better with the lakers.. Yall crazy. No hate on luka and kyrie but lebron and anthony davis are just different when it comes to double teams

  2. Klay is not the only player who sign with Mavs. Mavs didn´t forget defence is also important. Mavs sign with Naji Marshall and Grimes also. They are both very good in defence but you don´t mention them at all.

  3. They have no ideal what they are talking about 😂 klay will not make the Dallas better , Boston had a full team roster at any night could give it to Dallas. Only thing Boston was missing was a big. Dallas lost terribly to a team without a healthy big. I don’t see a shooter helping them win a championship.

  4. Klay should of went to Lakers Lebron is a playmaking god Lebron would be looking for him just like he did with Ray Allen and y'all know what happen (🏆) him going to Dallas is stupid Luka and Kyrie is ball dominant players they not passing the ball they take about 20 shots a piece a game so Klay is not gonna do nothing but run back and forth that's all

  5. He got caught up with ESPN hype talks he doesn't remember he was out for Three Seasons got paid for 150 million o by the way won your Fourth title Can You Call A Dumb Ass he is one Dang 4-6 championship run 😮

  6. I have a strong belief that these stupid anylst are saying this because they are getting paid to keep Klay away from the obvious team where he would of been on easy streak and winning multiple chips, lakers

  7. All these casuals think Dallas is expecting the old Klay… they are not. They are expecting 39-40% from deep with all the wide open looks he will get. If Klay gets 15 points a game on 39% shooting the Mavs are back in the finals. Thats all they need.

  8. Klay might not be the same defender like he once was back in his days with Golden State but his offense is still good enough in the NBA. They already listed Dallas at #3 in terms of the NBA's Big 3. I mean look at the starting 5 for next season:

    PG Luka Doncic
    SG Kyrie Irving
    SF Klay Thompson
    PF PJ Washington
    C Daniel Gafford

  9. Clay will add an element to it. But the Mavs still need help. It's like back in the days. You have MJ and Scottie. But with the Mavs, you have Scottie and Scottie, but no Jordan. Therefore, you can not win championship.

  10. Grimes, naji and klay are an upgrade from thj, green and djj. We actually have players that can hit 3’s defend and create offense. Green and thj are literally headless chickens on the court, mavs are going to look legit next season. Omax will get more minutes hardy, lively, gafford and Washington will have had great experience from last years run. Watch out for the mavs.

  11. Tired of seeing females and non basketball players commentating on the NBA. I hate to see Inside the NBA go. Especially since they never played in the NBA.

  12. Dallas will still go deep in playoffs 💯 but teams to look out for OKC lookout for wolves their backcourt nasty pelicans another team to lookout for with their pickup and Zion continuing to get healthy revenge tour from Jokic and ja west bout to be something to see next season fasho🔥

  13. Dallas now needs a good defensive player such as , Jrue Holiday or or a P.J Tucker when Tucker was youngest of cuidese like in his Milwaukee days ! But I feel like Mavs are one great defensive away from really contending for the championship they still can win but without another defensive player it’ll be much much harder

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