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Fans react to news that Klay Thompson is leaving the Warriors

Vern Glenn reports on Klay Thompson’s departure for Dallas ending the Splash Brothers era for the Golden State Warriors. @warriors
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34 thoughts on “Fans react to news that Klay Thompson is leaving the Warriors

  1. 🏆🏆🏆Klay Thompson is a true Classy “GOAT”, he will be missed forever, sad sad day for San Francisco, Love you Klay.😭😢😰❤️❤️❤️

  2. My first games were from 78 on. So many tough years, but .. I got TMC, and the BD year when they beat Dallas in the first round. Gonna miss you Klay! You're run here is what all sports fans dream of. Wish you the best going forward man. Keep your foot on the pedal brother. I know you still got more in the tank.

  3. They say that all good time must end someday. Autumn leaves must fall. But don't you know that it hurt me so, to say good bye to you ouuu. Wish you didn't have to go.. No, no, no, no.

  4. Gs would rather extend green. Total disrespect to clay. Kings put the end to dynasty during the playins. Warriors are done winning anything for a long time.

  5. 80mils for the 2 yrs on rehab, no production. 50mils extension 2 yrs, he turned down, bet on himself to play well but he flopped… time to move on from klay… 16.6 mils a year for 3 yrs still a heck a deal for a dated player. Wish him well.

  6. It didn’t work out for Klay the last couple years here. Not going to be good for either side of he sticks around. They both need to move on. Hopefully in Dallas Klay will blossom again. Good luck. See you at the reunion and your Jersey retirement ceremony

  7. That two major injuries seal the deal. Hes a warrior legend period. And will have a trophy someday.. but lets face it, those two major setbacks made him who he was now.. He should still feel really really good bcoz they won a title after he came back..

  8. Klay on an all cheeseburger diet since June. Also wearing an aluminum foil vest when he’s swimming in the Atlantic. Look to the eastern hemisphere. Boom! A new paradigm in the NBA.

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