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Famous Reaction On Ronaldo Crying After Missing Penalty | Portugal vs Slovenia 0-0 (3-0) Reaction

Reaction On Ronaldo Crying After Missing Penalty in Portugal vs Slovenia 0-0 (3-0) euro match highlights. Diogo Costa save, fan reaction,.
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Ronaldo shocked after Lossing vs Georgia


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25 thoughts on “Famous Reaction On Ronaldo Crying After Missing Penalty | Portugal vs Slovenia 0-0 (3-0) Reaction

  1. Ronaldo fans saying Ronaldo is human too to cover his weakness.

    Also Ronaldo fans celebrating Ronaldo deserve to be arrogant because his superior.

    Typical Childish attitude.

  2. No matter what others say about Ronaldo for us he's a legend and will always be after all he's human and as human we do commit mistake and for those who don't then bro got no words for them😅😅.. CR7 u are and always will be a legend 🫶

  3. Messi almost gave up on the national team when he failled penalties… the whole country was against him cuz his weak performances in his early carreers xD what you even mean he wouldn't cry? xD plus Ronaldo cried because it's his last Euro for his country of course he wants to give his best to his fans/country…

  4. I just can't figure out people who can't like Ronaldo or Messi without hating the other. Not the type of people I'd like to have around me, not a sign of brilliance or intellectual honesty.

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