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37 thoughts on “ESPN breaks Lakers salary: LeBron is willing to take a pay cut for Klay Thompson or James Harden

  1. Do they also not realize Klay would need to take a paycut too? Everyone acting like Klay, Harden, etc gonna sign for the MLE when they all want max deals

  2. Why would we want Klay ? He’s old deteriorating plays no Perimeter D all things we don’t need and yea he’s a shooter but he benefited from playing in the warriors system and Steph Curry he’s not gonna be able to have the same impact with the Lakers we are better off getting a guy like Demar Derozan who at the very least is a professional scorer he’s gonna put that ball in the bucket and his penetration and mid range ability will be very helpful for spacing and kicking out to guys for open shots. Everybody so hung up on being able to shoot 3s but when the playoffs come and the Defense is tighter the rate of 3 balls is gonna be lower anyway so it’s no need to get a guy like Klay that literally can’t help us if he’s not hitting 3s and I would go after Drummond I’m not as big on Jonas because he can get played out of playoff series due to his lack of being able to switch on the defensive end on pick and rolls his lateral movement is limited at best 😂

  3. Lebron should Get Gary Trent Jr and Klay….IDC if he gotta Play for $10 million a year……its not about money no more…..he should be focused on winning now….💯💯💯

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