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Doug Gottlieb reacts to Klay Thomson Joining the Dallas Mavericks

DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW – Doug Gottlieb reacts to Klay Thomson reaching a deal to join the Dallas Mavericks.

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22 thoughts on “Doug Gottlieb reacts to Klay Thomson Joining the Dallas Mavericks

  1. klay dont want that circus. the new coach who will most likely go nd do a podcast everytime they lose to justify it. then there is the father and son thing who knows what drama they will have. klay dont want none of that

  2. After Dallas or whenever his final season is, Klay can sign for the minimum or close to it and play one season for the Lakers to check off the box on that childhood dream. But he's got something left in the tank and Dallas seems much better fit for his game and they have greater chances to get to the Finals again than the Lakers do.

  3. remember kd several years back said the quiet thing outloud when he said "environment playing with LeBron James is toxic" and he retracted his statement when lebron and the klutch boys were in their feelings

  4. He's going to Mavs because he does have a respect for Kyrie because they played on the same team with same agent.and he'll rather play for Coach Kidd and that Mavs organization oppose to the Lakers who just got a new coach who used the N-Word before

  5. he will be standing around for 20 seconds just like all the others watching Luka ball hogg as usual. This does nothing. Denver, Minnesota, and Memphis will be ahead of them

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