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Diego Costa God Level in Penalty Shoot Out Win | Portugal 3-0 Slovenia #MDB

Published on: 2nd July 2024
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0:00 Coming Up
1:43 Cristiano Ronaldo
6:00 Portugal vs Slovenia
13:25 France 1-0 Belgium
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36 thoughts on “Diego Costa God Level in Penalty Shoot Out Win | Portugal 3-0 Slovenia #MDB

  1. Zeshan bhai plz make your title good it is a sin to comapre with allah pak
    You said in title god level astagfirulaha 😒 plz be aware and dont do this agian

  2. bhai sahi kahan. abhi abhi ek youtubr ki marke aaya hu ek room k ander bethkar ronaldo k upar ulta bol raha.. ab kya hai woh usse koi fark nahin padta ronaldo apne aap mein hi ek BRAND hai

  3. i feel very stress about Portugal vs France. Portugal must somehow win the quarter finals, they must play with proper passes like against Slovenia and give proper passes to Ronaldo and also Diego costa save the portugal very well, they did their well…. my best wishes are with Portugal

  4. You really don't know how much great great player pedro neto 😒😒😒😒 but he not starting also not substitute 😒😒😒😒😒😒

  5. These days kids are so much toxic. They think they're cool until they grow adult. They don't even know why a man cry. Every player who loves football cried whether it's Messi or Chettri or Ronaldo.

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