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Did Professor Slam Lexus SUV into Police Officer Boyfriend? | Karen Read Case Analysis

This video answers the question: Can I analyze case of Karen Read?
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32 thoughts on “Did Professor Slam Lexus SUV into Police Officer Boyfriend? | Karen Read Case Analysis

  1. It's kind of funny how I hear Kerry Roberts and Jen McCabe telling us on the witness stand about Karen telling them about the broken taillight when they got to John's house and pointed it out. When Jen tells it, the ADA then plays a video of it, and guess what? All it shows is the three of them going into the house. Then Kerry Roberts gets on the stand and ADA plays the video first and Kerry starts telling the same story, but then stops herself, realizing they were both caught in a lie.

    At least you are fair here and do not completely buy the CW's kook-aid, but after the trial, most people think she's not guilty. Hopefully, the FBI will find something and start making real arrests.

  2. Please revisit. Now you know the evidence id bogus. Please address the lies, butt dials, deleted messages the full taillight 3 hours after and the 42 pieces that miraculously appeared for weeks after.

  3. Dude, her tail light was not broken at all not initially you’re leaving so much out there is way too much circumstantial evidence in this case for this woman to be convicted. I’m not saying she didn’t do it, but I’m also wondering what happened inside that house you were just skipping all over the place and it’s not factual watch the trial people.

  4. I Love your final thoughts. We need a follow up. The ME would not corroborate cause or manner of death. The independent (?FBI) experts state Johns injuries were not caused by a vehicle, and finally an hour after the hung jury verdict the 'Chief Investigator" trooper Proctor, besties with the home owner was removed from his duties. Also, I'm sure you could have some fun with all the Butt dialing that went on after the event.

  5. I can certainly appreciate the psychology behind a True Crime story, but I wish Dr. Grande would wait until the trial is over before offering an analysis. So many details have changed. Consequently, I think he is dead wrong on this one.

  6. I wonder after knowing all the facts do you still believe shes guilty? Its quite obvious John was beaten to death in that house and bitten by a dog. Tell me why noones dna but johns was found on his clothes? That means john made contact with noone at all that night, not even karen who was supposedly all over him? And there was vomit found on his boxers but not his clothes. Which tells me they went so far as to strip him and wash his clothes while he was dead or dieing than redressed him. Sick people. You left a lot of facts out. These are the some of the same cops in charge of the sandra birchmore case. And chris albert killed a guy in 1994 and in a hit and run dwi and only served 6 monthes in jail.

  7. Dr. Grande, it is very interesting to listen to your analysis now that we are on verdict watch. You indicated that there would be a "battle of the experts". Can you perhaps do a part 2 to your video, considering what we know now from accident reconstructionists and the dog bite experts? Thank you

  8. If you were a juror, having no prior knowledge of this case (not having watched any pre-trial hearings, never having heard of the case, only knowing what has been presented in court) I don’t believe the CW proved any of the charges against Read. I had never heard of this case and started watching day 1 of testimony. I remained open minded during the entirety of the trial and was not once convinced that she was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I was unsure of her innocence up until the very last day of trial when the experts hired by an unbiased third party (federal agency) testified that through their accident reconstruction and analysis of the victims injuries and the damage to the defendant’s vehicle that it was not possible that the two variables were consistent to have caused the other.
    It even made me confused as to why the CW would even bring these charges to trial having read the report of the two engineers who used physics, kinematics and math to determine their findings; not having been paid for or have any relationship to the defense team made it obvious to me that the prosecution was not being forthcoming….especially after the inverted video shown to the jury without explaining the edits, passing the video off as an accurate representation.

  9. It makes perfect sense. She was drunk and in a rage. John had moved on. She backed into his vehicle and didn’t even check the damage. She backed over him and drove home.

  10. Without looking at the many many questions and shoddy police work the major faults of this case is evidence. The evidence is totally unreliable. The collection of blood splatters using red solo cups?!!!! Using a grocery bag as an evidence bag. Lack of documentation and a clear evidence trail. This should be part of an episode of a an inane police sit com. Not something to be utilized to prosecute someone. Heck they would have had more success if they sat down and watched an episode or two of SVU

  11. Can someone who believes the Prosecution's "version of events" please tell the rest of us WHY WAS THE FBI ALREADY INVESTIGATING BRIAN ALBERT, ET AL WHEN JOHN O'KEEFE WAS MURDERED?

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