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42 thoughts on “Defense asks judge to recuse herself in Karen Read murder case

  1. Bring all the Alberts to trial and also charge witnesses with contempt of court for their lying on the stand. Shocking to have that many corrupt police officers in one town bring in the FBI this case is ridiculous.

  2. I dont care what car u drive ,are truck, thus police officer had some kinda of animal claw mark on him ,to me unless thus woman had a bear are Rackun in he car are truck, whe u run over a person in a vehicle any vehicle it doesn't make marks like that ,and iv work with police department in many cases my cuz is Oliver North, yes him conta affairs, my Father is Orley North also a marine, he was the main man in the cuba missile crisis, im Shelley north Marine Baby ,im a empath and remote viewer, iv work with lots of police department finding people and finding the dead ,guess the government gave me to many shots as a child ,im the CIA s result,,im one of the best readers, and remote reader in the USA chek my name and when i say thus woman is at no falt i mean it ,no its the police that sold his home right after the police officer hes was the master mind behind it all ,all but 4 police officers the rest were in Ll of it ,and the woman that testified is married to the other main police officer, ask her to tKe a lie detector, i bet she will not pass it ,and the police that sold his family home 2 generations were they found there police brother ,and look for a police that hunts game then u will findthe claw marks that were on this poor police officer arms

  3. These are the crooked people you see here Karen ,her defense and paid "fan club" to try and sway the jurors.Karen Read is absolutely guilty and she admitted ut at the crime scene.

  4. Bev was nominated to district court by Deval Patrick, former Governor. In 2014, Patrick fired the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board chair S. Edwards and placed director J. Holmes on paid administrative leave because they had pressured the board to force Bernard Sigh, Patrick's brother-in-law, to register as a sex offender. Tsk tsk.

  5. These charges would have been dismissed weeks ago by a judge with integrity. I feel like she's a member of the local illuminati and that is what defines them, own everyone who has power! I loved the way Yanetti destroyed Nick Guarrino today, he's actually a worse liar than Proctor, Buchenic, Tully, and Paul which is to say he has a conscience and I could read the guilt on his face!

  6. So stupid that that judge let Karen Reed attorneys say the stupidest questions that's not about the policies or anything they're just doing their job I don't know why the judge allows all that stupid question that that attorney of the Reed Karen Reed is telling all all those people that are are on the she knows everybody knows that she killed him that why she said the cover up what is the cover-up are they crazy or what she's going to be convicted and I hope she does because you don't take somebody just because they don't want you no more you can't have somebody that don't and that judge should allow the prosecutors to say what they want to say just like Karen reads attorneys that is so stupid that she allowed stupid questions that they say Karen reads

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