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Cristiano Ronaldo reaction to missed penalty ‘utterly embarrassing’

“He could have cried after the game… He just thinks it’s about himself” – the RTÉ Panel of Didi Hamann, Lisa Fallon and Shay Given felt Cristiano Ronaldo let his team down with his reaction to missing a penalty halfway through Portugal’s extra-time win over against Slovenia

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36 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo reaction to missed penalty ‘utterly embarrassing’

  1. Nah he is still a legend compare with the pundits sitting there and criticising 😂. In this kind of moment its hard to even control your feeling. Honestly without Ronaldo, Portugal wont even come close of being a top class nation in football. Dietmar stats doesnt even come close to Ronaldo and yet he commented like he is a legendary player 😂. I know people will start bashing my comment. Before that go and compare both of their stats, achievement and how many matches they play for their nations and contribution. Then we can talk

  2. Ronaldo is a man let him cry. He’s worked so hard and put his all into this sport. I’m not even a big football fan, but I’ve got to respect C7 work ethic. If he cried it means he cared

  3. Dietmar Hamman is a German who can’t get on German TV during a tournament in Germany so sits in a studio in Ireland on Irish TV 😂 the man wouldn’t know national pride if it checked him for a hernia

  4. "He could have cried after the game…" Like someone could control these kind of emotions. He's no actor!… Imbeciles…one insinuating he was faking ,other calling it embarrasing. Other than being the best of all time ,there aren't many players that feel the game the way he does. No point trying to explain these emotions to irrelevant NPC's of the game. Bow your heads.

  5. Utterly embarrassing, just getting sick of how they just judge someone like the legend.. CR7 was broke down only for his country. Never in club like that. He knows what he had missed!!! Crap people talking nonsense on by sitting, CR7 is 39 and he is still playing the ball in all possible ways for his country., just get in the pitch like him at this age, then talk about it, Football is about money to them talking rubbish..

  6. Lol these comments from the Ronaldo fan club is even embarrassing as Ronaldo at the EUROS. They are right about Ronaldo. But because they havent scored 700 times they cant give a opinion? Lol… Ronaldo is finished and he knows it. He was a great player but his time is gone. Everyone sees it, except the Ronaldo gaylord fanclub. Even players of Portugal are frustrated and dont want Ronaldo to be in the centre of it all..

  7. The woman is the only one with a brain, Ronaldo for the first time was thinking "I'm not good enough", you could see him getting more upset every time he missed a header or free kick. He holds himself to the highest standard, for better or for worse his ego is very high and completely believes himself to be one of the best in the world, this game was the reality check that was bound to happen eventually

  8. I pray the panelist will read this comment. Resign and don't ever be a football panelist again. I am not a fan or Ronaldo but he is human and being emotional is human. This guy is probably playing his last Euro and his probably thinking what a terrible way to end his last Euro competition and also the disappointment to his country. . If you can't be constructive just quit the job.

  9. Problem is from the first minute Ronaldo was being theatrical, wanted to take all the free kicks despite just booting the ball at the GK with 100% power with no technique but his worshippers are blind to everything, hopefully he keeps playing till the next WC

  10. When he ran to the dressing room in qatar instead of being a leader consoling the younger players i thought thats the worst, but to do it with 15 minutes to play as a captain is pathetic AF

  11. What disgusting commentary. One saying he was faking, the other saying he's out of order. Go get another job. One where you CARE enough to feel responsibility.

  12. Let's say even if its just about him, Portugal can afford to let him be the center coz they've barely made/are going to make difference without him on their side

  13. These are clowns who nobody knows their name talking down on the greatest player of all time who by the way scored the first penalty that sent them on their way, just plain stupid men and woman on this clown platform

  14. These guys are hypocrites, it's truly pathetic. The guy took full responsibility for his miss, took the 1st penalty and apologized to his people. Why the hell do these guys have to bring up Lionel Messi? I appreciated both of them but Messi also cried when he missed his penalty against Chile, what's worse is that he later declared his international retirement in order to have sympathy. If that's not avoiding responsibility then I don't know what is… Or maybe these guys forgot that moment when football players are still human after all.

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