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Controversial video at forefront of Karen Read trial

The last person to take the stand Friday will be the first to testify Monday — he’s a crash reconstruction expert with state police, and his testimony so far has caused some tension.

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36 thoughts on “Controversial video at forefront of Karen Read trial

  1. How does a mans face/head get that beat up by a car?! No damage to the car except for a broken tail light?! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand there is much more to this story….

  2. This is all so insulting to our intelligence. We have to put up with this? !? Even Paul’s photo of John’s car is cut off where Karen would have backed into him – but geez I guess
    I’m no expert like him

  3. The picture the CW shows of the traverse isn't even where Karen hit the SUV. While backing out of the garage karen struck johns traverse near the license plate not on the corner of the bumper. Directly above the license plate there's a black piece on the traverse that protrudes out and would line up perfectly with karens taillight, so between this fact and "proctor trooper" tampering with the taillight in the sallyport we have our conclusion, MSP planted evidence at 34 Fairview Rd.

  4. If we keep having "expert" like this guy on other cases, our society is doomed. Not many people can afford lawyers like AJ. Imagine if this was a person with no money to hire good lawyers…

  5. I lived in Europe big capital with little or not parking available. You will be surprised how in a very low parking speed you can crack a light and nothing happens to the other car.

  6. She’s guilty. The police are terrible in this case, but it doesn’t change the truth. She is GUILTY. It’s very simple, none of you MAGA supporters can change the outcome.

  7. This is another lying pig who was pushed to lie because the private experts that the state paid for couldn't find or come to any conclusion where the man was run over.. they will be getting called as witnesses to highlight that.

  8. I've backed slowly enough that it didn't damage what was behind but it did leave a tiny dent on my car. Not to mention the fact that the plastic of the light could be more fragile than the other car 🤔

  9. Really? The two women with Ms. Read indicated to her at the scene that her rear light was cracked, not broken. God hears all of these lies, and sees the unrighteousness going on with this murder case. Disgraceful.

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