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48 thoughts on “Confrontation in Canton Sunday as Karen Read trial nears its end

  1. I think Karen didnt want to go to the Alberts because after a nite at the bar she saw what losers they are the woman are just gossipy in everyones business..Karen is too smart for that and she probably saw herself that these people were not Johns friends

  2. ⁠The Board of Selectmen in Canton just renewed the contract with the Police Chief! They basically rewarded the obvious incompetence.
    Oh and don’t forget that Chris Albert is one of the Selectmen…

  3. How did OJO feel when all those Animals (McAlberts) circled him while in the basement if they do it in broad daylight on the street add alcohol in the dark

  4. Alberts and McCabes attorneys see BIG defamation $$$$$'s. Lol.Jackson will be seen as a hack for hysterically following a ridiculous conspiracy.A good man was murdered!

  5. Where was all the outrage when he showed up to a children's lacrosse game? This was all part of his plan. His relevance is coming to an end and lawsuits and prison time await. Whatever will the Turtle cult do then?

  6. I'm thinking they may have exploited the fact Karen perceived in her mind that she must've hit him to gaslight her and set her up, not that they initially planned to pin it on her from the get go but saw that as an opportunity to do so after initially not knowing how they were going to cover this up. I believe Procter saw Karen's self-doubt and initial uncertainty upon discovering John's body as leverage to use against her. This and exploiting the already fractured tail light is precisely the psychological maneuver that allowed him to frame her.

    He created a narrative that intentionally played on her fears and doubts, that she might have actually hit him. They were hoping she would just accept it and take a plea deal and this would all be swept under the rug. They probably didn't expect this amount of resolve.

    psychopaths do tend to be drawn to law enforcement. The manipulation of evidence, opportunistic thinking, exploitation of vulnerability and lack of empathy are all hall marks of a psychopath.

  7. Anyone else jail!! The did it to karen read with no hesitation??!!! A woman!! Discusting and disgraceful!! Shame on all of you!! See you all in court class action !!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. you had "the information "… of 2 people assaulting t boy.. and you reported it as "tension running high " as if nothing was or had happened???????? what is wrong with ALLL of you?? JILL DANIELS assaulted aiden. is it that hard to report truth??????

  9. Why doesn't Channel 10 mention the Alberts? That wasn't tension running high, that was a group of entitled jerks behaving like thugs. Yet here you are not even mentioning them.

  10. They left out that TB was actually assaulted, twice. But i don't think he should have gone there in the first place. He had to know he would run into one or more. And instead of talking back he should have just ignored and walked away. I have respect for what the man has done to help, but i do not respect how he has done some of it.

  11. It’s not the tension of the case. There’s a pack of rabid dogs that think they can tell someone to “get out of Canton” and bully you until you do.
    This is how they act. This is their character and was their character the night THEY murdered John.
    I can’t believe there’s a town like this.
    Talk about West Virginia…this is inbreeding of a generational clique…a gang of thugs.

  12. No matter what has happened here it's even if the establishment was given these people drinks and maybe too many drinks it's not really their fault but in the way it is their fault because they're over serving it's over so he should mind his business and stay away from there

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