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BREAKING NEWS: Klay Thompson, No Longer a Warrior!

Steiny & Guru react to the breaking news that Klay Thompson has played his final game as a Golden State Warrior. He is signing a three-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

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41 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Klay Thompson, No Longer a Warrior!

  1. U dont know why anyone is shocked. You did nothing but alienate Klay for two years and Kerr benched him for a Rookie when they knew Klay always started the season off slow…every year. Klay deserved better.

  2. 12% state tax so letโ€™s do the math 16M a year. Given he was offered 24M by the warriors he would have gotten 24M-2.8M per year in state taxes. He could have gotten 21M if he stayed with the warriors and accepted the deal.

  3. Since Klay is gone and Warriors enter a new era, they should trade Draymond Green + picks for Lauri Markkanen. Now you have two 7-footers that can rebound, block, shoot 3s and stretch the floor for Kuminga and Melton to slash

    C – Quinten Post (2-way center w/ 43% 3PT)

    PF – Lauri Markkanen

    SF – Jonathan Kuminga

    SG – De'Anthony Melton

    PG – Steph Curry

    2nd lineup

    C – Kevon Looney

    PF – Trayce Jackson-Davis

    SF – Lindy Waters III (Splash Waters)

    SG – Moses Moody (6th man)

    PG – Reece Beekman (2-way quick player w/ passing skills)

    This may not be a win-now scenario this coming season but will be a dominant team the following season.

  4. Dubs are better off giving podz and moody klay's not talking about replacing klays performance in his best years, im talking about klays performance last 2 years

  5. Lets keep things in perspective… While Klay was in rehab Poole Wiggins and Curry were Electric! That year they were on a tear and Poole actually had the best percentages that year in the playoffs and Finals ….check the stats. Klay is a headcase and would've left period. His ego was Gigantic…. Steph Iggy Draymond CP3 and numerous other superstars came off the bench gladly to support the TEAM Klay is about Klay obviously ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ the CBA restricted GSW money availability and even still warriors offered him 24 MM he left for 16 cuz his ego was too fragile ๐Ÿ˜… good luck Dallas with chuck a shot and Four fingers Klay. GSW need to hire Mark Jackson to replace Atkinson and find Curry an athletic defender/big man and put Draymond on notice he fucks up this season he's traded immediately

  6. For Klay to take what amounts to $16.7 million per year tells me the Warriors offered him less and/or told him he'd be coming off the bench. It's hard to see them getting a better playing for $16.7 million per year. I'm putting logs in the fireplace and burning all photos of Joey Dark Years and Mike Dumb-Leavy.

  7. The difference between playing ~50 games in California and playing in Texas is worth 4-5 million in tax savings over 3 years for Klay

  8. Steinberg will now repeat himself for the next three weeks until he starts his next bogus hysterics. Who listens to this show anymore??? PULL THE PLUG KGMZ.

  9. Im in, my feelings about this a little bit but but this is a business.
    And I actually think if they make the right move, they might be better, but that's the thing they gotta make the right move and I still go back to how they paid
    Klay almost 80 million dollars. Actually over 80 mil To rehab, and it's like you don't forget about that.

  10. Professional sports is a business so why everyone is acting surprised?! Joe Montana, Joe Namath and hundreds of Legend's have ended their careers with other organizations.

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