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Breaking: Lakers Free Agents Targets Revealed: Klay Thompson, James Harden, Jonas Valanciunas

LeBron James is giving the Lakers an opportunity to use a mid-level exception by taking a pay cut IF they can find an impact player. Early targets that would be on LeBron’s list: Klay Thompson, James Harden, and Jonas Valanciunas. Trevor Lane breaks down each of these options and how they would fit in LA…

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26 thoughts on “Breaking: Lakers Free Agents Targets Revealed: Klay Thompson, James Harden, Jonas Valanciunas

  1. Esa obsesión por tirar el dinero y malgastarlo es francamente preocupante.
    Bronny y ahora Klay,,,,,,mira, mejor me dais el dinero a mí, total, os va a servir para lo mismo.
    A CENTER is what we need. Stop wasting resources in non sense.

  2. If they could could Klay for the Mid-Level Exception that would be great that would be a big steal. Don't listen to some of the fans on here saying "I don't want Klay". For the Mid-Level Exception you do.

  3. Should not even thinking of James Harden ,Derozan Lakers should go for and just a trying guy to play center and this team will be unstoppable. If Derozan was on the Lakers last season they would be at the final. Take Derozan Lakers he is a good fit,especially with the jump shot he has no one the Lakers have,plus he now shooting 3s.

  4. Dallas has so much more to offer Klay/Warriors in a sign & trade…would be a miracle if he ends up with the Lakers. Hopefully, dad can convince him, but it's a long shot imo.

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