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BREAKING: Klay Thompson LEAVING Warriors In NBA Free Agency After 13 Years Per Shams | Warriors News

BREAKING Warriors News: Klay Thompson LEAVING Warriors In NBA Free Agency After 13 Seasons Per Shams

Breaking Golden State Warriors News going into NBA Free Agency tomorrow night. It looks like the Klay Thompson era with Golden State is over according to Shams Charania. This is Golden State Warriors Today with Chase Senior and this is why you SUBSCRIBE because when breaking Warriors news happens, we bring you a show here on the channel. We have you covered with all of the latest Warriors news and rumors so make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to the channel:

Shams Charania: The Golden State Warriors are preparing to lose four-time NBA champion Klay Thompson in free agency, an expected parting of ways between a legendary dynasty and one of its legacy players, league sources told The Athletic.

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What a run for Klay Thompson and Golden State. Klay Thompson Warriors highlights:
1st round, 11th pick out of Washington State in the 2011
4× NBA champion (2015, 2017, 2018, 2022)
5× NBA All-Star (2015–2019)
2× All-NBA Third Team (2015, 2016)
NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2019)
NBA Three-Point Contest champion (2016)
NBA All-Rookie First Team (2012)
2× First-team All-Pac-10 (2010, 2011)
No. 1 retired by Washington State Cougars
One of the greatest shooters of all-time. At his peak, one of the best defenders in the NBA locking down the wing spot. Will be remembered as one of the greatest two way players in the history of basketball.

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Per Shams Charania: The Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers and Dallas Mavericks are expected to be among strong suitors for Thompson, according to league sources. Multiple teams with salary cap space are expected to show interest in Thompson as well. Through the Tim Hardaway Jr. salary dump, the Mavericks have already generated enough room to offer the full projected $12.9 million midlevel on the market. The Lakers have the ability to generate the same, depending on where LeBron James’ next deal lands and other business.

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21 thoughts on “BREAKING: Klay Thompson LEAVING Warriors In NBA Free Agency After 13 Years Per Shams | Warriors News

  1. Why did the Warriors resign Green of all people when he never scores more than 10 points and his attitude but won't resign Klay!? That don't make no sense at all! What a bunch of idiots! Warriors management is stupid!

  2. The Warriors don't have anybody that can replace him with, you talking about him having a down year is a good year for most player and 3 points off his average crazy

  3. Fuck klay for what the warriors done him he back stab he was washed up for what he did in his last game fuck he not worth the money thank god he’s gone . I hope the warriors don’t give him a strudel rick Barry is better the him Al attleseven guy Roger’s and even Tom machery are worth a statue.

  4. He just sacrificed a legacy over money. For someone like me who gets by in life counting every dollar seeing klay complain about not being a bigger millionaire is very annoying

  5. What a mess this offseasin is.

    If we dont land PG13 and loose Klay.. due to how disrespectful Mike and Joe treated him, we did this all so fsr for lindy 😂 and have out no-one around steph and instead chopped one of his main core players and friend away.

    Good job management 👏

  6. Trade wiggins, looney, gui Santos, usman garuba and picks to bucks for Lopez and Bobby portis. Sign Miles bridges and obi toppin out of free agency
    1st unit:
    Brooke Lopez
    Miles Bridges

    2nd unit:

    I don't know if any of this is possible but it would be 🔥

  7. all the ban wagon haters finna say “we gonna miss you klay” man please. witnessing the warriors go from bums to a 2nd round of the playoffs team to a finals team was AMAZING!! n we couldn’t have done it without him.

  8. Warriors won't be the same without Klay. But a break up would have had to happen sooner or later. Step is still in his prime and deserves a great shot at another championship. This current team wasnt good enough and has to get better fast so I will live with the reality.

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