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21 thoughts on “Breaking down the Karen Read murder trial as case goes to jury

  1. Simple
    Reasonable doubt = not quilty There is tons of it! However, it doesn't help that Karen's face makes her look so hateful! It's the arm injury for me. Plus, getting rid of phones and the dog.

  2. OK, listen to my theory. Karen Reed hit John with the car and knocked him down but he wasn’t really hurt so he got up and went inside inside. He got no fight but he wasn’t killed. Then he tried to leave to walk home or just leave and either due to his head injury from the fights orthe alcohol, he slipped, fell backwards and cut his head open

  3. Guilty… She said I hit him how many times! She even told her father she hit something. Cmon now lol… She's a cop killer and she needs to go to jail. End of story!

  4. Ja experts for the defence who never visit the car and never scene or never rely on lot of other external evidence. "I hit him I hit him, O' God I hit him, I hit him via Karen Read the self confessed murderer. Only Karen Read and God knows how John died . Karen Read killed him. How nobody will know

  5. Correction Paula…Going up and down 3 flights of stairs is evidence of going in that house & Witnesses saying they saw Karen in car No sight of John. And Jen stating she saw Karen’s car outside numerous times until 12:50 after Karen had already connected to John’s WiFi @ 12:36

  6. His parents listened to everything and they invited the murders into court! When I saw that, all sympathy for them is gone. I feel horrible John died and my sympathy goes to Karen, she loved him.

  7. Why do you think the fbi gave Karen’s team the expert witness Because she’s innocent They don’t usually do this The fbi knows she’s innocent

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