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Bobby Marks: Warriors could off Klay Thompson between $20M-$25M | SportsCenter

Bobby Marks joins SportsCenter to discuss the free agency possibilities of Klay Thompson and Paul George.

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27 thoughts on “Bobby Marks: Warriors could off Klay Thompson between $20M-$25M | SportsCenter

  1. Paul George has entered in to that T Mac situation where he is close to being among best in the league but has not won a ring. Money has importance when you dont got it. Go win a ring Paul, might get two if make right choice in team.

  2. 20M per year is decent. Especially after getting paid while he was hurt. Why didn’t klay take it and retire with his home team and go for that one or two last championship runs?

  3. 20m is fair but he is still elite he just has to take better shots this year and the team does Wiggins and others should have been working to set Klay up first then play off him but Wiggins wanted to be an all star and take iso contested shots and get some stats but how he played all year doesn’t fit he seems weak always getting bumped off line on drives his first step isn’t good anymore if he gets a runway he can still get up but he was much worse this last year. They need to trade cp3 contract, Wiggins and every single pick for Paul George then resign Klay for like 4/80. The cap is gonna go up the new tv deal is double the current one which means salary cap doubles maybe that’s why Klay wants more he thinks he can get it because teams know cap gonna go up and he can fit with any team.
    I hope he stays whatever they do they can’t keep Wiggins he just doesn’t have the explosiveness anymore and he is weak. He can defend still he is long and rangy and rebound sometimes but offensively he forces things and messes with the flow of splash bros. He should have been playing like iggy did focused on getting those guys open and getting them touches then playing off them and taking the available shots. Wiggins iso just isn’t a good option

  4. I believe that the rumored 3 years ,$100 million would keep Klay in a Warriors uniform. He's already turned down a higher dollar amount, it was the years that he believes the deal should contain. In this market where you have Stephen Curry playing out his career with Golden State, he, Kerr and Green want to go out together, but still need that Star(PG13),to make a Championship run. A max extension could bring PG13 ($,but the owners want to reduce their luxury tax, while also entering the WNBA market in the 2025 season. Some salaries have to go, me personally, I hope that a reasonable, fair deal is done for Klay Thompson.

  5. Do what it takes, we need loyalty for our veterans of the team 4rings! He is worth it! I love all the big3 but if my guy green wasn’t suspended we wouldn’t have been in the play in! We would have been in there.

  6. The Warriors are going to lose him. Thompson could get receive a lot more than his current offer from other NBA clubs. I can see it from both perspectives.

  7. Warriors dont owe Klay anything…..he was paid while injured, and paid above market considering his recent output…time for him to show some love back and accept the OFF-ering(stupid title).

  8. yep, Golden State need some young trees under the basket, who can actually score rebound and play defense. When curry and klay having a bad night, Gs can go to the big 3 under the basket. Green is good, but he can't shoot consistently. I see Curry and klay running around wasting all that energy trying to get in the paint to score the basket, all they need is some big trees under the basket that can get the job done consistently. So, keep Jonathan Kuminga, Curry, Klay, Green – add 3 really good big mens, – add another good shooter or playmaker…or just go get Kevin Durant 😆

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