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Biggest Moments in the Karen Read Case | Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial

Could #TrooperProctor’s behavior impact other murder trials? #CourtTV’s Vinnie Politan and experts analyze some of the biggest moments in the case against #KarenRead.

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28 thoughts on “Biggest Moments in the Karen Read Case | Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial

  1. It is crucial to have a sert report. The cw didn't have anything. It isn't speculation when the suv is at the Sally port 40 minutes earlier and it was inverted. You have a few almost trooper proctor attitudes that are extremely bias. Joseph is someone I won't listen to and I exit. He was part of the Albert defense and I see this one sided and we aren't even have way through.

  2. Wow Massachusetts is the worst this judge is really trying to get around the verdict slip. Justice has really gone out the window in this country . They want the jury to lean towards guilty and not give them the option. That’s pretty clear . Absolutely disgusting .

  3. Morrissey, Albert’s , McCabes , Higgins , Proctor
    Has made a mockery of the judicial system
    The whole world is watching the injustice, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is inflicting
    On Karen Read !
    The reason this case has captivated the hearts and minds of so many people, is
    This could happen to anyone not just in Massachusetts, but in a state where corruption is allowed to fester !!! 😱

  4. “Immediately appealable,” he said, and 10 seconds later she’s scolding Karen. You know she wanted to say, *uck you, to Jackson and Yannetti. 30 min later, she comes back in defeat and changes some of the verbiage. This judge is on the prosecution side, and I thought, judges were supposed to be unbiased.

    Is it true the FBI and DOJ are watching her? I wonder why?

  5. The Canton Police Department:

    Hand-pick your investigator, have secret friends and family meetings to get your story straight, delete your call history, make mysterious phone calls at 2:22 a.m., delete Google searches, monitor police activity, get rid of evidence, get rid of your dog, destroy your phones, destroy your SIM card, let your investigator decide on a narrative early on, don’t go to the crime scene, don’t take witnesses in for questioning, question all the witnesses together, ignore witnesses who don’t fit your narrative, allow friends and family to contact those same witnesses, don’t record interviews, write vague and false police reports, omit witnesses names, omit witnesses interviews all together, don’t photograph the evidence, don’t conduct any forensics, don’t document the evidence, don’t document the log, leave all of the evidence in the hands of one person and then manipulate that evidence.

  6. I don't get it…have not heard full story…version I just saw on ABC NIGHTLINE is incoherent/disjointed. If his body is in his buddies driveway…who was home when this happened…and they say she ran him down with SUV..then…did this occur where body was found, or was it moved…? if she ran this guy down not in his own driveway but at buddy's place…who was home? then…did he not hear unholy commotion of someone being squished like a windshield bug by SUV in his driveway?

    or are they saying his body was dumped off there already freshly squished elsewhere?
    I don't get the whole story in form ABC messed it up..

  7. Whose to say Karen Read didnt get out of her car after hiting john pick up a piece of taillight and scratch john arms?

    If you had a dog attack youd defend yourself with forearm not inneer arm. Those are not bites that ive evcer seen

  8. ? Didnt kalren read, from the back seat of the car while searching for John, saying there he is there he is in the middle of a snow storm?

  9. I think shes GUILTY. A retired cop friend told me there is no way in hell a bunch of friendly cops are going to commit a conspiracy, also killing a fellow cop. I agree 100 percent

  10. It is not about justice anymore. It is about winning. Ms Reed cannot contain herself in court . She knows she is going to win . She demonstrates snickering , arrongance, contempt to the court. Textbook. She was not concerned about her boyfriend , she was concerned about if it looked like she did from the very beginning. Another thing associated with narcissic tendencies and sociopathy is that there is a disconbect when they talk. Rhey say strange things that defy human logic and make people often ill at ease. Again nice work from the defense . She will be set free.

  11. This fascination with this trials and others reveal a new era. It is not about justice. It is about flipping narratives around and creating doubt. It is not about facts any longer. There is a great movie about this new disposition in the justice system called : anatomy of a fall.

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