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Belgium’s Golden Generation FAILED?! De Bruyne IRRITATED by reporter’s question

Kevin De Bruyne was irritated by a reporter’s question about Belgium’s ‘Golden Generation’ not reaching a final, after defeat to France saw them eliminated from Euro 2024.

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22 thoughts on “Belgium’s Golden Generation FAILED?! De Bruyne IRRITATED by reporter’s question

  1. De Bruyne hinted after Belgium's first match against Slovakia that this team was not as good as past Belgian sides… he has been proven right 😤

  2. Who coined the phrase 'golden generation', same with England they never shut up with that phtase. It wasn't fans, we all know how international football works and the biggest names don't make the best team.

    It's media, so called journalists, advertising/sponsorship campaigns and gambling companies. They're an absolute blight on the sport.

  3. Pourquoi irrité d'après le titre de la vidéo ? Je vois qu'il a très bien répondu et très calmement. Bravo Français et Belges, un très bon match. 👍👏👏👏

  4. The possession based style they play is rubbish. Average players can pass the ball around and look good, but it takes more than a team keeping possession to win games. Football has become dull and boring to watch imo.

  5. It's only a golden generation if it wins something….the media only use that term to pull the player's down anyway… like "you were all top players but you failed anyway"… Belgium have been punching above their weight anyway for a country so small… their deserve lots of credit

  6. Let's be honest, De Bruyne has been poor for his national team both in terms of football and as a leader. It's disappointing to say but there is a stark difference between him at City and at Belgium. For years his reputation has protected him, but I think the media has finally turned.

  7. KDB mentioning Germany as a golden generation is funny. Germany have been 4 time World cup winners 5 time runner ups. 9 World cup finals is most all time.

    6 European championship finals for Germany also most all time. 3 time winners like Spain. Most all time in that.

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