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Belgium vs. France reaction: France answers critics in style | Nations League | ESPN FC

After a dismal first half, France answered their critics by scoring three unanswered goals, courtesy of Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe and Theo Hernandez. Julien Laurens, Frank Leboeuf, Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop discuss the game and Kylian Mbappe’s impact after a tumultuous week in the media.

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29 thoughts on “Belgium vs. France reaction: France answers critics in style | Nations League | ESPN FC

  1. You mean the #1 FIFA ranked team in the world won absolutely nothing again? That should be enough to keep them at #1 for another 2 years.

  2. Please
    Belgium’s Coach blew this
    Just because you are up 2 doesn’t mean you can defend and get away with it
    something that’s proven over n over that it doesn’t work

  3. Nobody cares. It's glorified friendly tournament. Both teams looked disinterested and passive (zero pressing in 1st half fom both) in 1st half. France looked enthusiastic after 2-0 in 2d half and even there in just for 20 mins. Belgium looked like they wanted to end the game quickly. I dont even remember who won previous Nations League. So whats the point of trying so hard? France just felt pride and didnt want French papers to call them losers next day and pushed themselves but that can happen in friendly game as well. Why big teams should put themselves under stress to play against each other in strange context of weird contrived tournament in between difficult congested club season? Big teams need to play more against weak teams so they can try formations and test players and train playing vs deep blocks. That is why qualifiers are important. It doesnt matter if average Joe or Lauren, PSG fanboy, want spectacle in every football match – go watch WWE or NFL then, clowns. Friendly games can be similarily bright and exciting as Germany-Argentina in 2019 or England Spain in 2017 or France v Germany in 2013 et cet. No need for this convoluted silly tournament. Everyone will forget who won another Nations League.

  4. This French team playing like they did on the second half (and let's not forget that Kante didn't even play) can beat any team in the world. It's frustrating because we never know which France will turn up on the day! 😅

  5. It's just amazing what Mbappe can do! In the second half France kept the ball but we're just passing the ball side to side but then this guy kept going past players to create things for them and that's where things started for them.

  6. How can you 'experts' not talk about Theo Hernandez, his game winning goal and what he brings to this French team. Mbappe this, Benzema that.. Sheesh!

  7. France is ALWAYS criticized anyway when we win, more so than a lot of other teams ( and very frankly, quite unfairly I believe). No one has any issues with us losing, but every win gives place to endless critics (sometimes very diserved, sometimes less).
    In all honestly, yesterday was a very nice win for us, facing a pretty good team, and on this one I'll give credit to the squad.

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