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Alec Baldwin’s Going To Trial! Scandoval Lawsuit Update. Week 4 of the Karen Read Trial

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The judge made a ruling in the Scandoval lawsuit. Tom Sandoval’s demurrer was denied in the first cause of action when it pertains to eavesdropping and third cause of action when it comes to invasion of privacy. A demurrer was granted with the 4th cause of action for the IIED and Rachel Leviss has 20 days to amend the complaint. A decision hasn’t been made with Ariana Madix’s Anti-SLAPP. I break down why the judge denied Alec Baldwin’s dismissal. A trial date has yet to be set. Lastly, I recap week 4 of the Karen Read trial.

0:00 Welcome
0:39 Scandoval Lawsuit Update –
2:13 Alec Baldwin Rust Ruling –
7:25 Karen Read Week 4 –
19:53 Aruba
22:35 Green Chef Ad Spot
23:51 Brian Higgins

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46 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin’s Going To Trial! Scandoval Lawsuit Update. Week 4 of the Karen Read Trial

  1. If your job was a dishwasher and you were doing your job washing dishes and the dishwasher blew up as the on button was hit to wash and killed the waiter standing next to dishwasher does that make the dishwasher guilty ? No !

  2. Alec Baldwin has a job his employment is an actor ! Nothing in his job description states he must inspect all acting uniforms , lights , cars , guns , bullets! They hire special people skilled for those jobs ! Yes he grabbed what he trusted to be a fake gun a fake bullet and did his job as the actor he is employed to be and fired ! The person hired to inspect weapons bullets is the person responsible not Baldwin.

  3. Lesson coming from a criminal myself have you ever go on trade trial and somebody's accused of murder or whatever they're accused of and they don't take the stand in their own defense I would absolutely find that person guilty cuz there's no way in fucking hell if I was accused of murder and I didn't do it that I would not take the stand I would have like you have to take the stand The rest I bet she doesn't take it

  4. the 2 am search on Hows to die in the snow… was a butt search and not actually done by her or well not her fingers! I hate butt searches.. wait that doesn't sound right… about as right as butt dials! UGH!

  5. How come defense never asks about getting rid of the phones the day before the hearing to preserve data? Is it standard procedure to tell the subjects of the hearing. If not who tipped them off, their lawyers?

  6. Still waiting for the explanation of John's texts to Jen M. "Here", because it doesn't make sense if Karen left him at the waterfall, why was he texting "here" if he was at the Waterfall, why would he text "here" at Fairview? If it was Karen texting from John's phone, why if she left him at the waterfall, would Karen have his phone? So far the defense has pointed out suspicious behavior eluding to shady behavior or a cover up, but unless that text strain is explained I won't discount Karen's involvement in John's death. So many unanswered questions! Need phone tech experts and the coroner's report. Absolutely shady, everyone's actions and testimony in this case.

  7. The timing of the 230ish google search and the 220/230ish amorous button dial is what sticks out to me. My spidey sense is telling me those two facts are related.
    I am eager to see the tech evidence to nail down the time line.

  8. The timing of the 230ish google search and the 220/230ish amorous button dial is what sticks out to me. My spidey sense is telling me those two facts are related.

  9. In her defense, it is possible she looked at the street without noticing the yard. The majority of people don’t catch the monkey business in the monkey business illusion. Selective attention is a real phenomenon.

  10. Jen repeatedly testified that it was a mistake the police reports didn't record that she reported Read said "I hit him! I hit him! I hit him!"

    So is Jen not telling the truth and the reports are accurate… or is she telling the truth and the reports are wrong?

    How is that not extreme reasonable doubt? At a minimum, how can that account be considered proper evidence?

    Is this prosecution a sham?

  11. I love your coverage ❤ but I can't watch any of your quick bits because there are always spoilers in the titles and/or thumbnails 😔 It's like reading a short story after reading the ending on the back cover. I even missed the suspense of watching the Hannah Gutierrez sentencing because a quick bit with the title "HG sentanced to 18 months" showed up on the main feed when I was opening YT to go to your regular channel to watch it as replay crew 😭

  12. I was really impressed with the level-headedness of Kerry. Organizing the driving and who does what and being educated in first aid and all that. She handled the crisis really well. To me she seemed one of the only normal people in this town.

  13. Is there a reason Brian Higgins doesn’t have his truck or did I miss that ? I don’t even remember seeing a photo of it because the texts made me stop looking at my screen from embarrassment. He didn’t rehome his home, jeep and phone did he?

  14. Everybody did it but Karen…I’m not really buying it. They all seem like regular people to me. Are they perfect…no. Do they drink too much, gossip too much, and snoop too much? Yes they do …but not me.

  15. Thank you for the great coverage of the Karen Read trial! I have been trying to follow it but with a full time job, keeping up with all the testimoies is hard 😂

  16. If there was grass, not snow, under John’s body it would make sense. His body was warm so would melt any snow under him. I still have questions as to how the prosecution intends to explain just how he ended up on his back, with a head wound to the back of his head, strange unexplained tears to his arm, and black eyes. No mention by any one of wounds to his lower extremities at the position of where the tail light would have hit him. Are they going to suggest that he turned his back to the car, tripped and fell to his knees, was hit in the back of the head by her taillight, which then knocked him over into a rock which happened to clock him right in the eye, rolled over and scooted himself right onto his phone (which was found positioned at the middle of his back so didn’t just come out of a back pocket, therefore was either in his hand or front pocket and fell to the ground then he rolled onto it), then lay there waiting to die. He’d have to be conscious to roll over onto his back (him being found ON his back with the injuries TO his back wouldn’t make sense otherwise), unless they’re going to say he fell on a rock and injured the back of his head when she hit him from the front and he went down backward, but then there’s the problem of the eyes and the scratches to the front portion of his arms. This could go on and on. I can hardly wait to hear the autopsy report and listen to their expert explain all this. I HAVE QUESTIONS!

  17. JM is evil no feelings at all. She felt like she enjoyed stabbing Karen. The reporter here says even mad John got in touch with Karen always. > JM was playing with Karen's head confusing him. And buying time. Jesus Laly my mom and Dadc argue even on a cruise. She didn't kill John in Aruba. Karen needs a brain test,2 hours are missing I think her drink was a spike. Aruba was a useless witness He should have interviewed Chloe she was there poor Higgins forever the retired agent who failed with getting the hot girl of his friend he got ghosted itv😭👻

  18. I’m looking forward to seeing Yanetti take on Higgins tomorrow. I really like Yanetti’s style. He had me at his opening statement. I know many people are fan-girling over Alan Jackson and I do like Jackson, but I think Yanetti has the less chance of pissing off the judge. He is so smooth. This trial has been a master class in defense lawyering. I can’t say the same for the prosecution. TBH, I fast forward through the majority of Lally’s direct examinations. They are snooze fests. The man has no change of tone, inflection and he asks the same questions of everyone. If I hear another “what if anything?” Or “Sort of” in another trial I may have to scream!

  19. Jackson hasn't even addressed the 10:30am-ish Google search for "hos long to die in cold" yet. How can JM explain that one because KR certainly wasn't pulling on her arm at that time? I'm sure she'll come up with something just as ridiculous as the rest of her testimony. 🤥

  20. My question is this: All of the McAlberts witnesses claimed to so upset and overwrought about John O'Keefe's death on the stand and yet NONE OF THEM WENT TO HIS FUNERAL?????? Explain THAT to me..

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